Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Pinterest Challenge - PEACE - and cookies!

Today is International Day of Peace

The purpose of this Pinterest challenge is to act on something we have pinned.  

This month's theme is PEACE

Read on to see how I related owls, peace and cookies....

  Peace not only means freedom from chaos or war, but also can mean a state of calmness and contentment.  This was a tough challenge for me and I browsed through my many, many pins looking for inspiration, when this idea jumped out at me.:

Bake some cookies for a friend who needs some relaxation in her life! 

What better way to pass on PEACE, GRATITUDE, GENEROSITY and simple KINDNESS! Everyone loves cookies and everyone loves a little gift!

Yesterday I ran into a friend who was having a bad day.  We all have that kind of day where nothing goes our way, but her day was total chaos.

To help her relax a bit today I am bringing her some cookies to cheer her up!  

She LOVES owls.

This was my pinned inspiration:

I used a simple package of sugar cookie mix:

I made a dozen owls and then used the rest of the cookie dough for simple round cutouts:

Chocolate chips made the eyeballs and a sliced almond is the beak.

I used a glass and a fork for the design, but....

...had to do it again as soon as they came out of the oven to make the design more apparent.

I dusted them with some powdered sugar:

I packed up a dozen and delivered them to her front door step - I got a sweet text saying that these cookies brightened her day and that she enjoyed a few with a cup of coffee and a few quiet, peaceful moments.  

We all need some peace and tranquility in our lives and it felt good to pass it on!

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  1. I love your idea, Patti! We all need a bit of this during these times! What a gracious and giving friend you are!!!

  2. Those are great. I love the cookie design and your gesture. So thoughtful.

  3. Your owl cookies are darling Patti, and the thoughtfulness behind them is even sweeter! I know you brightened your friend's day, and she will remember your kindness long after the cookies are gone...

  4. What a lovely gift to brighten a friend's day and bring them some love and peace.

  5. Beautiful, thoughtful gift, Patti. It's always a wonderful feeling to be surprised and to surprise someone. Cut cookies too!

  6. How thoughtful, I love the owl shapes.

  7. Your cookies are adorable and how sweet of you to do that for your friend!

  8. These cookies are so lovely! And look really easy to make - I love the use of pre-packaged sugar cookie mix.