Friday, February 15, 2019

"The best laid plans....."

There are only two of us living here, so when I want to bake I try to divide the mix in 2, making cupcakes and a cake.  That way I can freeze the cake for a later date - if I don't, I know we will eat it all quickly and we are trying to cut back on sweets.

I made 12 cupcakes and decided to bake the rest in a MacKenzie-Childs storage container:

(stock photo)

 It was a perfect size and easy to store in the freezer....

...where it didn't stay long!!

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Ten on the 10th....Thrift Shop Challenge

Here are some great deals I have found at our local "Thrifty Shopper".  

As I stroll though the store, my "wheels are always turning",  thinking "what can I do with this?" or ""what can I turn that into?"

I bought this $5 stool and thought " I can decoupage this with all the shopping bags I have been saving for years and prove to my husband there was a reason I was saving them!"

So, I cut off the store logos.....

...and decoupaged them on the top:

It was an inexpensive project - IF - you don't count everything I purchased in the shopping bags!


I also found this little $7 table at the same store:

And AGAIN, I could prove to my husband that there was a really good reason why I had been collecting yardsticks:

and with a bit of spray paint and a little measuring and cutting, I attached them on the top of the table:

Again, so smug with the satisfaction that I could prove why I "needed" to be saving them for a few years!!


How could I ever resist buying a  little $.69 cent coffee pot?

A little bit of paint turned it into a great vase:

I need to remind hubby that he needs to fill this with daisies!!


These little glass globes are only $.79 at our thrift shop.  I ran it thru the dishwasher and painted it with some enamel paints - perfect to hold a tea light or a few fresh flowers!

A perfect little hostess gift!


Visit these other blogs to see what they found for under $10 while out "thrifting":

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

When you run out of time....or maybe just too lazy.....

I bought this cute black stand at the thrift shop, hoping that these small bowls would fit - SCORE!

My thought was to use this for a "taco station" or to hold BBQ condiments in the summer...


....when my husband invited friends over at the last minute...

...I turned it into a "dessert decorating station"....

....I quickly baked up some cupcakes, put some frosting and "sprinkles" in the bowls...

...lit a "buttercream" scented candle....

...pulled out a few pretty dishes....

...and let our guests decorate their own cupcakes...

 ...everything was on my large tray...

...all they had to do was frost and sprinkle and enjoy!!

This made us feel like kids again....

...who doesn't like to pretty-up a cupcake?....

I am looking forward to using my thrift store find more often....

...OH, and the best part...

..the black stand cost only $1.59 !!

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Sweethearts VS Conversation Hearts......

I have always been a fan of candy from the New England Confectionery Company, or Necco,  probably because they were made in Massachusetts, not far from where I lived in my younger years. 
 Necco wafers were always one of my favorite candies, and as a child, we played "communion" with them, traded each other for our favorite colors and always waited for Necco to come out with Sweethearts for Valentine's day!


Sweethearts were first made in 1901.  Sadly, Necco filed for bankruptcy and the rights to the candy was acquired by the Spangler Candy Company last fall.  Necco made about 8 billion Sweathearts per year and because of the company change, Spangler was not able to produce them this year and they will not be available until 2020.

Is there a difference between Sweethearts and Brachs Conversation Hearts? 

 I am not sure, but one thing I do know.....The "sayings" on Brach's are sloppier and harder to read, and some appear blank.

What's the point if you can't read the sentiments?

I can't wait for 2020 for Sweethearts to be back on the store shelves!

(pink checked table runner made from fabric purchased at Joanne Fabrics - simply cut 2 rectangles, sew them together, turn right-side out and press and sew small opening closed)

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Friday, February 1, 2019

Where in the world is.....Contest and GIVEAWAY!

Not only does my tote travel with me, but sometimes my dishes do, too!

A few years ago they traveled to Cape Cod.....

...they have also been to the apple orchard for some fresh cider....

....they've been to the winter festival to warm up my insides....

...and they have been to the North Pole....

So, here's the contest:

GUESS where they are!

Fall 2018:

Winter 2018:

You will be entered for a chance with each correct answer...Good Luck!  Winner of this luggage tag will be notified on Wednesday Feb 7th!

Visit the other Tales of the Traveling Tote Bloggers to see where their dish ware traveled:

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JOIN us on March 1st for our quarterly 
Tales of the Traveling Tote series!

Contest closed.  
Congrats to KIKI winner of luggage tag with the correct answer of Niagara Falls, Canada.  The other photo was taken behind the Aurora Inn in Aurora, NY

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Thanks for stopping by!