Welcome to years of table settings!  It is something I enjoy - preparing for guests to come!  

I also have a pet peeve:  
SET the table properly!!  
Here are some helpful tips:

Basic setting:

Some things to remember:  
You "drink " to the right and "eat" to the left.  
All beverages are to your right and your fork, salad, bread, etc is to your left.

Formal Setting:

 Here are some of my favorites:


  1. Love the Snowman ware - is it Fitz & Floyd?

  2. Have you noticed that when using the large enamel platter/charger and dinner plate together they spin around when you are eating? My husband solved this problem for me by cutting coaster size pieces of the shelf liner to place between the two enamel plates. Presto! No spinning plates!

  3. Fun to see all your pretty table settings, Patti. Like you, I love to set a pretty table. I like playing with dishes!