Saturday, September 4, 2021

The MacKenzie-Childs Farmhouse

    The Farmhouse

This is the only original building from the Highbanks Farm.  It is a "museum of sorts" and has some lovely pieces from the past.  The house was recently painted yellow:

The flowers along the side are still in bloom:

BUT, what has changed inside:

    The dining room:

You might remember the deep rosey pink dining room, designed by Pleasant Rowland:

The table and chairs have changed throughout the years and the settings are changed each season.

The diorama table is exquisite!

It is currently being updated and the decor is so calming and romantic....

...the walls are being hand painted, tone on tone...

...the sconces reflect light from a single electric candle...

...there are still views of Cayuga Lake in the distance...

...the diorama table stayed...

....and it was set simply with SoHo dinnerware:

I was quite comfy in the Front Parlor which was updated a few years ago:

One of my favorite rooms is the Butler's Pantry - if I can't have this gorgeous piece, I will just take a Butler!

The kitchen wall has been freshly painted in stripes and the open shelves have been restyled:

This bathroom is still dreamy....

And the pond is in the backyard!

I look forward to returning in October as the Finger Lakes are so lovely in the fall!

Older tours:

Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

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  1. Just beautiful. Wow. My Aunt Marion had a home on Cayuga Lake.

  2. Such a beautiful farmhouse. Love the different table settings. it is fun to see the changes. Lucky you, you get to see it in person. The grounds look lovely as well.

    P.S. I changed the font link color. Happy weekend.

  3. Wow the yellow outside is so pretty and the hand painted walls are lovely. So fun to see the before and after. You look fabulous in the butler’s pantry.

  4. Thanks for the tour Patti! What a treat to be able to visit year after year to enjoy all the eye candy. The new hand painted mural on the dining room walls is quite!

  5. Always a treat to be in this farm house, even if it is virtually. The new update is dramatic in its simplicity. I hope they retain the wonderful pieces that have been a part of this "museum" and don't see off everything at The Outlet. It's all too special to scatter to the winds! 😂😂😂 Even though I for one would welcome things into my own collection. Thanks for the tour. Just beautiful!

  6. I like the new look of the dining room with the tone on tone mural. The diorama table is such a pretty piece, is t it! Thanks for the update because I haven’t been there since 2012!