Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Christmas/ December Table Settings...I can't decide

Once again I am joining Rita @ Panoply for a Christmas Table setting Blog Hop

I am having trouble deciding which table setting to use this year, so maybe you can help me out.....

I love dishes and in my family it's in the genes, my Nana loved pretty dishes as well as my Mom....

.....I just can't decide what to do this year....This stack had a red charger, red ceramic dinner dish, MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check salad plate and a MacKenzie-Childs Scottish Bouquet dessert plate. 

The paper flatware pockets and coasters are from Altoona

The centerpiece is a simple one, with two carolers and a pine tree!

I will probably use this setting with a couple who will visit before Christmas Day.

Another table setting I will use In December will be my Mackenzie-Childs Highbanks enamel dishes:

I am not crazy about using blue for Christmas, but I love the farmhouse depicted on these dishes.  The salad plates have a ring of pine trees around the edges....

....Royal Check flutes and blue snowflake glassware are perfect with them!

This cute envelope napkin fold can hold a menu or a little treat:

Because my dining table is small, I like to keep the centerpiece simple:

I will use this setting often for John and I!

My traditional Christmas dishes are about 30 years old and still a favorite

This is an easy napkin fold that I have used a few times:

The dinner dishes are plain white in the center :

The retired thistle flutes are from MacKenzie-Childs:

I love using battery operated candles - no drips, no mess!

I will use this on Christmas Day when my girls and their families spend the day with us!

This is probably my favorite :

Aren't these the cutes napkin rings?  I bought them at the MacKenzie-Childs outlet a few months ago, one for each of us!

My little collection of Possible Dreams Santas are circled around a candlestick in the center of the table....

...and these cute little elves hold the flatware:

I bought little treat bags to fill with lottery tickets and holiday candy for Christmas day:

This is such a "happy" table!

Yesterday I used this setting for an early birthday lunch with Catie and her family!

Playing with dishes can be lots of fun, and I will probably use the star dishes on Christmas Day, with the "tree folded" napkins.   All the other dishes will be used throughout the month for a few special dinners with guests as well as just for the two of us!  

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Here are some of my settings from years' past

Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

I live in central NY and I am a retired family and consumer science teacher. I enjoy all types of crafting, decorating and cooking


  1. No wonder you can't decide, you have so many really nice pieces in your collections! I think I'm loving the first table collage of elements - those Scottish Bouquet apps are really nice on the fluted ceramic salads with red dinner and charger base. Of course, having littles makes the peppermint theme fun. I can imagine the excitement those would generate with your gang, lol. The really fun thing about all of these elements is that they can all be interchanged for seemingly countless ideas. I'm so glad you brought what is the real dilemma to life and to the table for those of us who love tablescaping.....I can't decide! Thanks, Patti!

  2. Wow Patti, not one but 4 festive tables!!! I can see why you're torn, each features amazing tableware. What a collection you have my dear. I also have many holiday/winter dishes, so I try to rotate them throughout the season. Your first setting featured dishes I've never seen before and so pretty. Altoona? My father-in-law grew up there, with ancestors back to the Revolutionary War. I love to explore there. Thank you for going to so much trouble to style 4 seasonal tables.

  3. Since all 4 are wonderful, you made it difficult to pick just one! My fav is the elf/peppermint table, but the one you will use for Christmas day is beautiful. I agree with you about the candles, Patti. Not worrying about candles dripping, or fire is the way to go :)
    Merry Christmas

  4. All are lovely tables Patti and would be perfect for your guests. I love the whimsey of Elf on the shelf.....your MC pieces are wonderful.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  5. Well, I can't decide either, I love them all! Your candy cane napkin rings are adorable and I love the elf holding the flatware on the plate stack! The Highbanks plates look so pretty with the blue envelope fold napkins, and the green and gold china is beautiful with your gorgeous Christmas tree! You will certainly be enjoying many festive meals this month with family and friends.

  6. Hi Patti! What a pretty collection of table settings! I especially love those floral flatware pockets and the Christmas tree napkin fold! Merry Christmas to you!

  7. I can understand the dilemma. All 4 are lovely. So glad you can set your table with different looks. Your collections are so lovely. I am always so envious of your visits to Aurora and the outlet. The candy cane table is darling. Love the Elf on the Shelf, my grands would love it. Each table is so pretty. Enjoy them all. A pleasure joining you in this blog hop. Merry Christmas

  8. Decisions, decisions when all four are so beautiful. I can’t choose a favorite, but the Elf on the Shelf would make any little or big child happy. Wishing you a most joyous Christmas Season, Patti

  9. Decisions, decisions when all four are so beautiful. I can’t choose a favorite, but the Elf on the Shelf would make any little or big child happy. Wishing you a most joyous Christmas Season, Patti

  10. Oh my goodness Patti! I really don't think you could go wrong with any of these lovely tables! If I had to chose a favourite, it would probably be the first one. I love McKenzie Child Scottish Bouquet plates, and the little paper flatware envelopes are the cutest! But, then again I love the green and gold one too!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!

  11. All the options are so cute, but the Highbanks plates with the blues are so en pointe this year because blue seems to be popular for Christmas decor this season. I think the M-C beaded candy cane napkin rings are the very cutest! Beware because the elf on the shelf may run off with them!

    Merry Christmas!
    Ricki Jill

  12. Well, I was hoping my comment I did in the car went through but I see it did not. But I really like seeing your post bigger than on a phone.
    I am amazed you did four tablescapes. I love the Christmas tree napkin fold and your pretty table with that. Your room is so pretty too.
    Your MC candy cane napkin rings are darling and the napkins bring all the great colors together. Are they MC also? The little elf is so cute and holding the silverware is adorable.I love that plate stack.
    Fun blog hopping again with you. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  13. Well, no wonder it's hard to decide...they're all winners!!! I'm like you when it comes to using blue at Christmas, but when paired up with enough green and white or green and black, it looks FABULOUS! I LOVE your dishes with that fantastic tartan edge!!! You have a great lineup in store for this holiday season, and I'm jealous that you already have that in the bag! I'm going to have to painstakingly work through it still. Sigh! 🙄 Bravo to you on ALL your creations! Great job! Have fun!!!

  14. So many wonderful choices! I’m partial to the Courtly Check with the MacKenzie-Childs Scottish Bouquet! I think the Highbanks makes a beautiful setting for the winter months with the blue and snowy accents! Happy to be hopping with you again and wishing you a Merry December and Christmas!

  15. Deciding what to go with for this hop is always a difficult decision!! So many choices and ideas! While all of your offerings are wonderful, I think my favorite is the first, mostly because I love the mix of patterns - checks and polka dots. I have your dinner plates with the stars, but they are blue not green- mine are blue, I have never seen them in green!! I purchased mine about 30 years ago as well. Love your blue plaid plates!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! ❤️🎄

  16. I'm sure that was not an easy decision Patti, so many pretty dishes and settings! You have so many choices, I would certainly have to use the Scottish Bouquet desert plates, I love those! Anything you choose, your guest will love. I hope you had a. wonderful birthday, enjoy this Christmas season.........

  17. Patti, you have such a pretty dining room and all of your tables are gorgeous! It would be difficult to choose a favorite, but I do like the first MC one and the whimsical elf one. You have so many beautiful dishes and pretties! I hope that you a Merry Christmas!

  18. OMG, Patti...four tablescapes in one post! You've really outdone yourself! They are all lovely and it's hard to choose a favorite. I know my daughter would go crazy for the last one with the centerpiece of Santas and the cute elves clutching the flatware. I'm partial to the MacKenzie-Childs farmhouse plates with the blue plaid trim and deer. LOVE! The green and gold star plates are classic and beautiful, too. It's so nice that you have several occasions this year to entertain and use your tableware. It was fun hopping with you. Merry Christmas!

  19. The above comment is from me. Not sure why it keeps posting as unknown!
    -Rebecca (Zucchini Sisters)