Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Another day trip to Aurora...

Saturday, my girlfriend and I drove out to Aurora.  It was a beautiful cold, but sunny day!

Our first stop was at MacKenzie-Childs - just in time for the Farmhouse tour and then some power shopping in the store!  The Farmhouse's double doors donned beautiful spring wreaths, the bed in my favorite room, the Buttercup Room, is hand painted with a view of Cayuga Lake, and a peek out of the window shows the path that will be filled with anxious shoppers this summer for the Annual Barn Sale!

Our next stop was to have lunch at the Aurora Inn where the fire in the entry parlor welcomed us in from the chilly day!.  We dined on delicious salads, with a view of the lake, and toured a few of the rooms downstairs. 

We then stopped into the fairly new Rowland House, another lovely Inn on Cayuga Lake.  The Inn keeper gave us a tour of each of the 10 rooms!!  The rooms on the top floor are decorated with MacKenzie-Childs themes!

My favorite pieces of furniture in this Inn were a pair of beaded chairs from India - can you imagine stringing all these beads?

Pleasant Rowland, who was the second of the 3 owners of Mackenzie-Childs owns the 3 Inns in town, as well as 7 other buildings.  Her taste in design and decorating is impeccable, very traditional and yet comfortable  The artwork in the Inns is beautiful, the colors are vibrant, yet relaxing and the restoration of these old buildings was completed to perfection.  If you click the Inn links above, you can get a peek into each of the Inn's rooms.

For a tiny, sleepy town in the Finger Lakes region of central NY, there are also some local wineries, a few places to dine, an Arts and Crafts center and Wells College - as well as MacKenzie-Childs!!

And speaking of MacKenzie-Childs, there are 5 weekends in July this year, so I wonder if the Barn Sale will begin on the 14th or the 23rd?  Or will they surprise us with a different date?  


  1. Patti-What a wonderful day trip! You must have been in heaven seeing those Mackenzie-Childs rooms! I think I told you that my aunt lived her whole life on Cayuga Lake. She had a wonderful home right on the lake...and her (summer) neighbor was Rod Serling (the Twilight Zone).
    Looks like you had a lovely day! xo Diana

  2. A trip to Aurora is ALWAYS fun! My guess for the barn sale is the 14th but maybe they will surprise us.

  3. What a great trip, Patti. What a statement that topiary urn makes on the front porch of the Rowland Inn - wow! Those chairs certainly are works of art. It really looks like such an inviting place to go, Aurora. Thanks for sharing the local flavor.

  4. I would love to visit Aurora and this Inn. The front doors are simply beautiful and stepping inside I'm sure there would be a lot of sighs. The beaded chairs grabs my attention, wow, they are stunning! It must be nice to be only a drive away. Thanks for the tour, and I love your bag….

  5. Oh, I long for a return trip to Aurora. ;-) Thanks for sharing the photos. That beaded chair is something else.

  6. I need to hang out with you and your friend! What a glorious trip! I'm going back and look at all the inns. I know they're all amazing.

  7. I would love to go to the Barn Sale this year. I haven't been in four years! We love Aurora. Have you been to the Treleaven winery? The farm belonged to one of Trip's distant uncles. :D


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