Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The Tales of the Traveling Tote #28 and a giveaway!

          The Tales of The Traveling Tote

This has been a great summer, but it flew by so quickly!  Here's how my Traveling Tote and I spent the time:

June 2021

We headed to Rochester for my youngest daughter, Caitlin, and her husband Pedro, for the Gender Reveal...we spent an anxious afternoon swimming and I was sure she was having a girl!

She tossed the basketball to Pedro.....

...he dunked it....

...and they are having a boy!!  Was I ever surprised!!

That gives us 4 grandsons!

We left her house the next day for Ohio to visit my other daughter and her family:

We had a week filled with boating on Indian Lake, celebrating Carter's 12th birthday, going to the 4th of July Parade, enjoying fun festivals and lots of sparklers and fireworks:


We brought Carter back with us for a week and he had an 'office' set up in the car for the long 7 1/2 hr drive.  His phone, games and books kept him busy!  We had a fun week going to the trampoline park, bike riding, movies, games and "boy stuff"!

His parents and brother came the following week and we took all of them to Old Forge in the Adirondacks for a few days full of waterparks, amusement rides, wildlife and lots of hikes!

Mid July was a Mackenzie-Childs Pre-Barn Sale Party which was loads of fun!

A group of Traveling Tote Instagrammers were able to meet each other at the party (representing Arizona, North Carolina, Michigan and NY):

And luckily we never mixed up our totes!

Here's a VIDEO MacKenzie-Childs shared of the party!

We were also gifted these fabulous t-shirts and posed for this great photo!

At the party I was interviewed by the Creative Director at Mackenzie-Childs, who asked about our Tales of the Traveling Tote, and here is the brief edited version:

   Traveling Tote Interview

The end of the month a few friends and I had a "girl's day" and it began at MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora"

Our next stop was at Bailiwick in Elbridge for lunch, a fun gift shop, cafe and market all in the same building!

The afternoon brought us to Crazy Daisies in Camillus for flights of Mimosas, each one donned with a fresh flower:


We spent a day in the Finger Lakes region and went 'Winery Hopping" along the west side of Seneca Lake to celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary.  The bright yellow stars indicate the wineries we visited:

Our first stop was at Miles winery where we had a picnic lunch.  

I picked up this cute picnic folder at Target at the beginning of summer and I keep it in my tote - it's perfect for travel, for snacks or a picnic lunch.  It came with two plastic dishes and plastic forks, knives and spoons for 2 and the top closes like an envelope.  

The Miles wine tasting building is up on a hill overlooking the lake.  There is a dock below with a tasting bar and boaters can pull up for a drink!  We enjoyed sub sandwiches overlooking the calm lake on this beautiful sunny day!

We also enjoyed Glenora Winery before we headed back up the lake for a few more stops, before having dinner at the Belhurst Castle

This photo doesn't really do the sunflower field justice - it was a sea of yellow and was stunning!

It was a wonderful day, but this was not how we planned to spend our anniversary.  Its the second year we have canceled our trip to Bermuda (where we spent our honeymoon) but hopefully we will get there for our 42nd!! 

I returned to Crazy Daisies, which is a cute little garden center with a cafe which serves lunch.  They have flights of mimosas and cocktails and you can eat out on the porch or on the lawn.  It was a perfect summer day to have lunch with my friend Patti!

It was a great summer filled with lots of family and friend time!

NOW, for our quarterly giveaway:

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Patti @ Pandoras Box

I live in central NY and I am a retired family and consumer science teacher. I enjoy all types of crafting, decorating and cooking


  1. Patti, you've had some great travels this summer in spite of not being able to get to Bermuda. It was fun seeing the recaps, and family adventures were the best. Congratulations on your 4th grandson! Soon you'll have your choice of teams you can have with all the men in your life! Happy September!

  2. Happy September Patti! I'm so happy you had such a fun and busy summer, full of family and friends! The gender reveal basketball had to be so exciting, and what fun to visit wineries, MacKenzie-Childs {and be interviewed!!} and enjoy flights of mimosas, sounds like heaven to me! I hope you get to go to Bermuda next year, in the meantime, I know you'll continue to have fun!

  3. You had some great travels Patti. Our summer was quite boring, and lots of rainy weather. Thanks for the heads-up about Crazy Daisies. I plan on getting there soon😊

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful summer. Still hoping to make the barn sale one of these summers. All though with them having it virtually it's easy to just sit at my computer to get some great buys.

  5. Patti, I like Carter's office in the car. Brilliant! I am laughing at the Real Housewives of MacKenzie-Childs. I can tell y'all had so much fun! I want to ask you about the Aurora Shop: Is it worth the trip? Thanks for sharing your adventures with family AND MacKenzie-Childs family/influencers. It's fun seeing all your trips and activities.

  6. Such a fun post! I also love the Real Housewives of Mackenzie Childs, so clever. I love seeing your fun outings. I so envious on how you can visit the Mackenzie Childs Outlet, etc. How fun the gender reveal basketball was. I hope all goes well on the trip to Bermuda. Happy Labor Day weekend and happy September.

  7. What a fabulous summer full of travels and family and friends. I have never seen the gender reveal done with a Basketball before. Super fun idea.
    The Pre Barn Sale Party looks wonderful. You are such a great spokesperson for MC!!!!!

  8. Wow Patti, what a summer you've had. Travel and family, that's the best! I can't believe you have four grands, that's wonderful and amazing. How nice you brought Carter back with you, sure makes for special memories. Love seeing all of your family photos having fun and enjoying life. Thank you Patti for all you do for the Traveling Totes. Ps; Sorry I'm late, had appointments today coming and going.......

  9. Patti, I'm late arriving, but this is the first I've had time to sit down and visit everyone's post. You've had a busy summer. I can't believe Carter is so grown up. I know he enjoys spending time with you. Fun photos of a fantastic summer. Ours has been busy but not with fun adventures. 😂😂

  10. You've had a great summer! Old Forge and the Adirondacks is a fun place to visit with the kids. Congratulations on your fourth grandson!

  11. It looks like you had such a nice summer Patti. I enjoyed reading about it and looking at the photos.

  12. grand kids are so cute! Carter is growing into a very handsome young man. He obviously has taken tips from you on how to be well organized. He car office is genius...and a hoot! I love your idea for a tour of wineries for your anniversary. I wouldn't have been able to find my way home at the end of that day of touring; "you are a better man than I am, Gunga Din." :) Thanks for taking me along. Some day I'll make it to that barn sale! CherryKay

  13. What a fabulous summer full of travels and family and friends