Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise

I came home from work today to find a package from my friend Andrea.
Andrea is the best "knitter" I know. She can knit anything.

Now I can do a lot of crafty things, but I can't knit. I actually bruised my stomach knitting - don't laugh - it actually happened - and it hurt!

For some reason I can't finangle the two needles and the yarn with 2 hands, so I used my stomache to brace one of the needles - that is how the black and blue appeared.

The "mean knitter lady" at the local yarn shop told me I was a "hard knitter"...what ever that means... and she was of no help. I continued to knit, my way, and the bruise grew. It was unsightly.

The worst part was that I was left with a few scarves that looked like a toddler's "old ratty blankie" and that black and blue bruise below my belly button lasted for days.

So, I was thrilled to find this lovely shawl in the package today along with a pretty handmade card:
I met Andrea years ago when we were in a rubber stamp club together.
She makes cards...I buy Hallmark! She has since moved to a warmer climate and lives in NC. I stayed in cold, snowy NY. Because of our distance, we are now email and blogger pals.
The shawl is going to be my 'blogging/tv shawl" It looks beautiful draped over my couch and will come in handy each evening, just the perfect size to wrap around my shoulders and keep me warm.
Thanks, friend, you made my day!

Andrea has 2 blogs:
Needle Notes where she shares her knitting projects
Holy Hormones where she shares info on bioidentical hormones replacement therapy.


  1. What a beautiful scarf! Last year at this time I was knitting for an art installation project in Indianapolis. I knitted so much that I've taken a long deserved break. funny though... it seems to be calling me again. Of course I have never produced anything as lovely as this scarf!... Dee Dee

  2. What a PRETTY scarf...thanks for sharing!


  3. Just lovely. And don't you just love surprises? You have a very special friend.

  4. what a thoughtful & talented friend you have! that's one beautiful scarf.:)

  5. Two corrections---no, I do not stamp anymore---and it's NC, not SC. We are cold as hell here, I never thought I would say this, but I am dying to see 50 degrees! Glad you liked the shawl, I did one for me in two shades of gray, and I am now working on one for me out of the same yarn I made for you. Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh how beautiful! I laughed at your stomache injury though - I'm sorry! LOL

  7. Sorry...I laughed before you said don't laugh...beautiful shawl though...
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  8. Hi Patti,
    About the shell can buy them premade...but some are kind of small and cheap looking. You'd just want to shop around and make sure you found a nice one. I think they can be ordered online...believe I've seen them online before...not sure where. Check with some of the home builder stores in your area...or if you have any architectual accent/molding type stores around...they might have them. They do require some depth...but how much will depend on how deep the niche you buy is constructed. I'd hire someone to do it...because you don't want to cut into a wall with electrical wiring etc... Hope this helps. :-)


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Thanks for stopping by!