Saturday, June 10, 2017

Chive Blossom Vinegar....

I have been making herbal vinegars for years and a few years ago I saw this recipe for Chive Blossom Vinegar that Debbie made at Mountain Breaths.  

I have been making it every year since!

Your first harvest of chives will blossom in the spring with pretty lavender flowers.  The seeds from the flowers will travel and spread throughout your garden and before you know it, chives will take over!  

At this point, you should cut your chives down to the ground as the first batch can be bitter and woody, 
don't toss out the flowers!

I often use white wine or champagne vinegar to make my herbal vinegars - these don't smell as harsh as plain old white vinegar!

I rinse, dry and soak the flower heads in the vinegar until the vinegar turns pink - sometimes for a week or two, storing it in the pantry, out of the light:

I strain it and pour it into pretty little bottles, adding a few stems of fresh chives:

A little tag and bow finishes off the presentation:

                                                         I set them aside for little gifts:

Adding this recipe with a mini bottle of olive oil would complete the gift:

Folklore states that bunches of chives hung in your home will drive away diseases and evil!

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  1. Great job with packaging your vinegar for gifts! My friend just stopped over and gave me her chive blossoms that her grandsons prepped for me. LOL

  2. I just came in from the garden and noticed I had lots of chive blossoms I will give it a try

  3. Aren't you smart to make your own vinegar Patti, I bet it is wonderful!

  4. Wow! I have had chives in my gardens for about 35 years and never did anything with them but enjoy their pretty flowers! I forget to snip the chives for cooking too. Thanks for a useful way to use them.

  5. How clever and lovely! I want to try this, I love flavored vinegars. Thanks Patti. Sorry I'm late here, been on the road........
    Have a good day.......


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Thanks for stopping by!