Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shopping and Wine...

What better to spend a day shopping and touring wineries? Seven of us decided to begin our
Saturday at MacKenzie-Childs, which is in Aurora, NY and I must say, it is one of my favorite stores. After shopping, we took the farm house tour. I had to return to the store to buy this. I was disappointed that they do not sell the lamp shades that are in the farmhouse - but I have an idea (I KNOW I can make them - stay tuned)

Pumpkin Hill Bistro is one of my favorite places to eat in the Aurora area. After a great lunch, we decided to go to Long Point Winery. This was the first of 5 wineries we would visit!This is the view from the winery on the east side of Cayuga Lake:

We decided to tour the wineries on the other side of Cayuga Lake, so we drove south through Ithaca and then stopped at The Thirsty Owl Winery, which was SO busy. People laughing and wine tasting, and many just enjoying the view from the grounds. I had to buy some Blushing Moon wine favorite! And as you can see, we bought plenty:

The Goose Watch Winery had a huge statue of a goose over the pond:

and the view from there was just breathtaking:For those of you who have never gone on a wine tasting tour, there are people traveling in cars, some in limos and others in buses. At this point we were all quite giggly and were happy to have a designated driver! Knapp Winery was the next stop:
and then we ended at the Swedish Hill Winery. Just look at these beautiful grapes on the vine:

Our fabulous day ended in Skaneateles at Joe's Pasta Garage for dinner.

I'm happy to say that the new wine rack is almost filled! Off to have a glass of wine.....


  1. OK - I want your are always going somewhere fun!! Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday and the weather looked lovely.

  2. I want to go womewhere fun too, love your pictures, looks so beautiful there..Thanks for the heads up on Mackinsey Childs, have seen her things around but did not know who maker was. Got some neat inspirations I think I will paint a checkered tray for the summer...thanks again, I am a new follower, I'll be back

  3. Hi P, having so much fun "catching up with you" reading your blog! I did "beer" this weekend at an oktoberfest..doesn't quite sound the same....sounds like you are having fun. Love, D

  4. Sounds like a great trip! If I can get you to come visit me in NC, we have a number of good wineries here, too!

  5. I stopped by to visit after your sweet comment on my blog and found this post. Where in NY do you live? I am very near Ithaca!


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Thanks for stopping by!