Friday, October 9, 2009

The Goodwill chairs

These are the oak chairs I bought Wednesday at Goodwill for 3/$20.00:
I removed the seats, cleaned them up with Murphy's oil soap and Liquid Gold:
I covered the seat with a drop cloth ($5.00 at Lowe's):
And TA-DA...3 extra dining chairs for only $25.00


  1. Gorgeous!! I can't even look at furniture in big box stores anymore. These have more character & were cheaper than anything you could find there. Love the drop cloth idea :)

  2. The chairs look great! How nice that the wood was in great shape that you didn't need to paint them. This is my 2nd time this morning to read about using drop cloths for projects...going to have to get me some!!!

  3. Patti, you are a very talented artist as well as a great thrifter! Those chairs were a real bargain & I'm amazed at how nicely they cleaned up for you.

    I love your painted pumpkins & that naughty chair is adorable!! I've bookmarked it to show it to my DD. Lots of inspiration in your blog! :D

    ♥ Rettabug

  4. They look good. I redid cushions yesterday.
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  5. Mmm--perfect! I'm so in the market for thrifty chairs right now!!!

  6. What a great transformation! I really could use a few extra chairs around here..and who am I old dining rooms chairs could actually use the same treatment! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Now THAT is a good job! I just love the shape of the chairs and I swear that the Murphy's/Liquid Gold combo is like some sort of magic.

    I'm actually thinking of having drop cloths made into a slipcover for a wing chair. Wonder if it's doable??


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Thanks for stopping by!



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