Saturday, March 26, 2022

Egg Carton Herb Garden....

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Here is a fun way to recycle egg cartons.  

I decided to purchase my egg cartons to save the step of spray painting them, but you can use any egg carton for this craft!

I wanted to create a few mini herb gardens for gifts, so
I purchased these egg cartons from Pinklemonadeparty on Etsy.....
....and I bought 6 herb seed packets at the Dollar Tree:

I printed out little labels on my computer onto photo paper:

I divided up the seeds into little zip bags and stapled the labels on top:

Each egg carton got a sample pack of seeds: 

I used this graphic I found online to print labels onto fabric:

I used this printer fabric sheet to print 4 labels:

I cut them apart and frayed the edges.....

....I 'mod podged' them onto each egg carton.

A pretty ribbon finished off the 'garden':

This is a cute little gift for a friend of any age!  All you have to do is fill each carton cup with dirt, plant the seeds and watch them grow!

A zip bag of potting soil and a pair of garden gloves are tied under the egg carton so the recipients can begin their herb garden right away!

Egg cartons are biodegradeable and compostable, so these can be cut apart and placed directly into your garden or a flower pot once the seeds germinate and grow!   Popsicle sticks were added to the egg cartons to label each herb once planted in the garden.

Remember, you can use an old egg carton and create the same idea.  

This is a perfect gift for the 'gardener friend', a hostess gift, or a fun activity for children!

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Patti @ Pandoras Box

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  1. Great idea Patti; you thought of everything and it's so great for any age! The gardener and kid in me loves this!

  2. That is just the most darling idea, Patti. I had no idea you could buy colored egg cartons. They are on my list now!

  3. These are adorable Patti and such a wonderful gift idea! You really did think of everything and love how you printed pretty fabric labels. I'd forgotten I have a package of printer fabric sheets somewhere that I've never used. I'm feeling inspired to give them a whirl.

  4. Oh my, Patti! These are so precious and sweet! You are quite talented and creative to think of this! Love how you used the colorful egg cartons and accessories to create these - perfect for gift giving and home use, too!

  5. What a lovely Spring gift idea, Patti. The best part is growing an herb garden - one of my favorites!

  6. What a wonderful gift idea. You have made it up to look so classy I would love to receive one as a gift.

  7. Patti, this is totally brilliant! I love the cute egg carton and wow that printable fabric is way cool, the labels look fantastic! Such a perfect gift for anyone!

  8. I think this is such a darling idea Patti. I'm sure this was a fun project and you have such cute spring gifts. Have a happy week.......

  9. What a sweet gift. My family have always planted seeds into egg cartons but you have upgraded the idea to make it such a special gift.

  10. Patti, such a darling idea as a gift. Everyone loves herbs. You have turned into a spectacular crafting lady.