Sunday, July 19, 2015

MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale 2015

Janine and I got to Aurora, NY for the annual MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale at 7:30 am….

…this was the line in front of us..

..and behind us…

BUT, WHAT?  We got in the first round @ 8:00!!

I found Justin, the cutest salesman from the NYC store, that I met last weekend in Manhattan.  Justin has been following the Tales of the Traveling Tote series (the next post will be at the end of the month):

It was HOT, HOT and Humid in the tent, but we managed to find some great deals...

…which filled up the back of my SUV...

…as well as the back seat:

The courtyard had the loveliest tiered urn, overflowing with flowers and greens:

…and here is a clever idea: a potted plant attached to a birch log, stuck into a flower pot (a very expensive flower pot!!)

On the way home we stopped at The Apple Station Winery in Union Springs.  The Finger Lakes Region is loaded with wineries!

The apples are already HUGE!

The grounds were lovely:

Our next stop was Stella Maris Retreat Center in Skaneateles…the Sisters of St Francis are selling the huge mansion on the Lake and EVERYTHING was for sale!  I bought a small rolling table for crafting.  Janine was too busy flirting with the policeman:

We had lunch at Blue Water Grill and then stopped at the Patisserie….

…for an eclair - YUM!

Here are my favorite treasures from the Barn Sale, a wristlet and a bracelet:

I was also fortunate enough to be able to buy a few more treasures.  It's always a fun event, somewhat overwhelming and I try to stick to my wish list!  If you get the chance to come to Aurora next summer, hopefully you can make it to the Barn Sale!

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Friday, July 17, 2015

NYC tour

Last weekend we had a great tour of NYC - here are a few pics:

Empire State Bldg:

The Twin Sisters at Macy's:

The Faltiron Bldg:

Met Life Clock Tower,  purchased by Tommy Hilfiger for 170 million:

In front of the arch is the fountain where FRIENDS played at the beginning of their sitcom each week:

Commissioned art work = $1,000,000
(I think I could have done better)

The Freedom Tower:

What Police do to the people selling knock-offs in NYC:

Oldest bldg in NYC:

Bobby Zarin's Fabric Store
(Jill's hubby from NY Housewives Show):

A summer cottage, built on top of a bldg:

Central Park:

If you get the chance, the GreyLines Hop On, Hop Off was worth it!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Baccarat Hotel, Tiffany and Mackenzie-Childs,NYC

The Baccarat Hotel is across the street from the MOMA in midtown Manhattan.  Mom and I stopped to have a cocktail during our weekend trip to NYC.

Baccarat Crystal is a manufacturer of fine crystal glassware located in Baccarat, France. 

The doorman guided us into the building, into a small room which was all black, with this lovely pedestal chandelier lighting up the small foyer:  

The elevator took us up to the Grand Salon:

and the Petit Salon:

The chandeliers were exquisite:

The outdoor terrace overlooked the MOMA:

But we decided to have our cocktails in the bar:

The tables had crystal candle globes….

….crystal water glasses...

... crystal cocktail glasses...

…and crystal ice buckets!

Mom thoroughly enjoyed her martini!

We toured the salons and found more lovely crystal pieces….

….crystal window treatments…

…more chandeliers...

It's well worth the visit if you get the chance!

You can read about the history of Baccarat HERE

I also took Mom into Tiffany to see the Tiffany Diamond.  

Unfortunately we saw this:

She tried on a Paloma Picasso bracelet - Price tag of $100,000.00!  There were so many little diamonds on this dainty arm jewel!

NO, she did not purchase it, but found a few other treasures:

Around the corner was MacKenzie-Childs!

We met the nicest salesman, Justin, who will be coming up to Aurora to work at the Barn Sale this weekend!

I am hoping to see him there!

I checked out the newest tote bags and found out that Justin is reading my blog and was very familiar with the Traveling Tote series!

I made a little purchase, but decided to save my money for the Barn Sale!!

We ended the day with dinner at Trattoria Trecolori:

...a half block out of Times Square…

…and we stayed at the Edison Hotel:

Next week I will tell you about our tour of the city!

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