Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"The Places We've Been" Lunch

I set the table for 3 of my friends - a simple lunch of "chicken, walnut and grape salad" sandwiches.

I thought it would be fun to share some stories about the trips we have taken and the special places we have traveled to, so I used my old globe from the 60's as a centerpiece:

I placed my MacKenzie-Childs luncheon plates on zebra chargers:

My 50 year old globe reminded us of how many countries have changed over the years:

And I realized I have been on 4 continents...

...and to many of the Caribbean islands...

…and places I never dreamed of traveling...

…and places I was so fortunate to go to...

…and places I might return to...

…and that there are many more places to see...

Did you ever play the game where you "spin the globe, close your eyes, and use your pointer finger to stop the globe", while saying "when I grow up I want to live here"??

We all played it, but instead said "My next trip will take me here".

I landed on Italy!  Ironically, I will be there in November!

Where is for favorite place to travel?

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The pond….

My husband likes to think we have "waterfront property".

  The pond is across the street beside our home.  The owners keep the cattails cut down so that my husband can see the water all summer from our morning room.  I think once or twice he has even referred to it as "our pond"!

This is taken from the opposite angle, our home is in the back center of this photo.

Our home was built on old farmland and there are a few ponds in this very small neighborhood.  This one was stocked with a few goldfish about 4 years ago and now there are a "million" living there.  The lone heron that returns every spring feeds on them, and unfortunately there are some snakes that scare the "bejeebers" out of me.  I can tolerate the few turtles we find, but the bullfrogs are so loud that I hear them all night long!!  We often have deer running through our back yards and can sometimes hear the coyotes in the distance!

The price you pay for "waterfront" property!!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Vintage Card Table

I came across a great deal on an old game table. There is a side drawer to hold cards and game pieces and the top swivels.  

 Because I paid so little for this, I decided to try new chalk paint I found at Michael's - Americana Decor Chalky Finish.

The paint is only $8.00 for 8 oz and I used a 40% coupon!

The paint works as well as Annie Sloan CP.  I didn't sand or prime this piece and gave it 2 coats (one was watered down a bit).  I still have enough to paint another piece. I used a dark wax on it to give it an antique look.  I also painted a few hydrangeas in one corner:

It sold at the gift shop in 2 weeks!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Tables at MacKenzie-Childs, Aurora, NY, Fall 2014….

These photos were taken at MacKenzie-Childs Shop in Aurora.  

The children's area has the table set for a girl….

…and a boy!

The window sill displays furry little friends, books and a view of the swan pond:

Wouldn't every child enjoy sitting at this table?

One of the tables in the shop was set with Parchment and Aurora enamel, with Parchment majolica….

A mixture of serving pieces, candlesticks and vases demonstrated how you can mix and match all of the M-C pieces:

Imagine sitting on this gorgeous Parchment loveseat while dining?:

Another table mixed the Butterfly enamel with Courtly Check majolica pieces:

This table setting was found in the Farmhouse in the main dining room, on the diorama table:

A simple, but very expensive setting!

AND, is this rug just "to die for"?  But I imagine one would want the table to coordinate with it, too!
(cha-ching, cha ching!)

This table, off the kitchen in the Farmhouse, displayed more Aurora enamel.  Each piece of this enamel highlights an area of the M-C farm property.  This bowl pictures the Farmhouse, set on a Courtly Checked table...

I love how they mixed the majolica Parchment mugs with CC enamel saucers!

Have you seen anything that you must have??

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Looking for a great read??...

I read this book the other day…Elin Hilderbrand is one of my favorite authors; each of her books takes place on the Cape Cod Islands.

I think this is one of my favorites:

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Mackenzie-Childs, Aurora, NY - September 2014

Saturday I went to the MacKenzie-Childs store in Aurora, NY

As you drive onto the property, you immediately see the Farmhouse.  The working plant/studio is to the left of this house and the famous barn sale is held to the right.

This is the entryway to the small garden outside the store:

This garden has lots of their outdoor furniture and Courtly Checked umbrellas:

Many of the flowers are realizing that the colder weather is on its way and they have gone to sleep!

But there were still a few to enjoy…

...and beside this one lonely rose….

…was this spider with his Courtly Checked legs!!

The entrance of the store was filled with Poppies:

I thought the new Evergreen enamelware would be on display, but not til next week!  The salesgirl brought out a few piece to show me:

The large platter would be perfect for your holiday desserts:

You can peek out of the many windows and doors in the shop and see the beautiful grounds, ponds and animals:

There is a room, where you can sit on benches and watch a video about M-C, and how their table wear goes from clay to the finished product.  This display demonstrates the 5 steps:

One thing I love about this shop is the bathroom:

The colors are so pretty and cheery, and all the M-C patterns are displayed on the floor:

 The door frame and moldings are all in tile:

Even the trash can is decorated, painted in Parchment:

Stop by later this week to see some of the table settings from the Farmhouse and Shop!

Do you have a favorite M-C piece?

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