Thursday, May 21, 2020

Spring has Sprung - finally.....

The weather has finally improved in Central NY and my herbs are growing well!

The chives are thinned out each year and once they flower, they will be cut right down to the ground as the first batch is always woody.  I have used the flowers to make chive vinegar in the past!

The oregano has turned into a bush.  I try not to let it flower because once an herb flowers, it stops producing leaves!

The mint is doing well and will be used in mojitos!

Underneath this flat parsley plant is a curly leaf parsley plant that came back from last year!  I use this a lot in the summer and I freeze it to use in the winter.

The basil was just planted.  I use this all summer in salads and especially with tomatoes.  The aroma is wonderful, too!
In the fall I always freeze a bunch and I also make some Pesto 

I still need to plant a few more herbs as soon as I can get to the garden store!  But this is a good start!

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  1. I think your herb garden is off to a good start and looking great. Enjoy spring and this holiday weekend..........

  2. A very good start with the herbs. Spring time is a favorite. Mother Nature shares the beauty. Happy Memorial Day weekend.

  3. There is nothing better than fresh herbs at your finger tips! A mojito sounds perfect!!

  4. Herbs are so satisfying. I tell people who want to plant them that they are like growing weeds - so easy! I love to go through the garden and just rub some between my fingers.


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Thanks for stopping by!