Monday, July 15, 2019

Inexpensive MacKenzie-Childs Gifts....

While I am "playing" in Aurora this week at the MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale, I thought you might like some ideas for inexpensive little gifts that you can pick up at the Barn Sale.  I like to keep a few of these items on hand for hostess gifts and they always seem to be appreciated!

A few paper goods can always be an easy gift to bring to the "birthday girl"....

...or tuck a few packs of napkins into a M-C pouch as a "thank you gift"....

...the enamel soap dishes are always a sweet gift, add a bar of soap!.... can never go wrong with a cake mix, spatula and cake cups....

...for the youngster, a soda and straws would be fun....

...again, paper plates and napkins are a perfect little gift...

...adding a pack of napkins to a dip mix with a little spreader is a gift I would love to receive...

...adding a sparkly hair bow to soap and an enamel dish would be perfect for the teen!

I thought you might like a little inspiration in case you will be at the Barn's always nice to have a few "gifts" on hand.

AND, if you are at the Barn Sale, I hope to see you there - please say HI !!

I'll be wearing my checked hat and sneaks:

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  1. Fun ideas and beautifully presented gifts that would be appreciated by anyone! Have fun as you shop and party with friends. I'll be thinking about each of my MKC friends this week and looking back with great memories of my visit last summer.

  2. Lovely ideas. I hadn't thought of some of these items as hostess gifts, but barn sale prices make them very appealing!

  3. (Trying this on my computer...just cant comment on Blogger posts--under any format--using my phone)

    Anyway, hello, Patti!

    THIS IS A GREAT IDEA LIST!!! Last year, I was so overwhelmed by my first Barn Sale, I didn't know what to get. So, many great deals! I love the paper aisle because I use the prints for so many craft projects. But what a terrific way to say thank you with a lovely (and value-priced) gift!

  4. These are all wonderful gifts, and so cute the way you wrapped them!! I hope you find lots of deals and treasures!!

  5. I am a huge fan of MacKenzie Childs, but as you know, EXPENSIVE stuff. These ideas are so clever, and who wouldn't welcome them. Thanks. You have given me some great ideas, not only for gifts, but ways to treat myself.

  6. I should start preparing my fall and Christmas gifts now. Some great ideas!


Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!