Friday, June 14, 2019

My garden....

As you might know, I hate to garden!

You can refer to these posts for a review of my lack of gardening skills:

Because I hate dirt, worms, bugs, frogs and especially those little garden snakes, I just bought the Keter elevated garden pot:

My father loved to garden and could grow any type of flower or bush, often starting by scratch, rooting broken branches and planting seeds. Apple trees and peach trees produced an abundance of fruit in our yard and the berry bushes flourished.  
My grandfather was always in his huge vegetable garden, and had no problem tucking a garden snake into his pocket while he weeded, so he would kneel on him!!   My grandmother spent the fall canning vegetables that would last all winter!

I did not inherit a "green thumb" from either of them and I am thrilled when my Basil plant lasts til September!

So far, so good.....

....herbs are pretty easy to grow, I will admit...

,,,but I added a tomato plant a bell pepper plant and a banana pepper plant and some cilantro....

...with the hope for fresh salsa in August!!  Of course there is a "Mojito Mint plant" for a summer night beverage....and some lemon thyme for chicken and veggies!

I do have great success with chives and oregano - probably because they do not require any attention!

And I even have a cute watering can to help me out!!

Wish me "growing" success this summer!

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  1. You have the perfect garden plants! Enjoy!

  2. Such. Great combo of plants. A happy harvest to look forward to.

  3. I hate to garden too Patti, are we the only ones??? It seems like everyone has a green thumb and loves gardening! I do have basil, rosemary, and mint in pots on my patio and lucky for me my son planted flowers, tomatoes and peppers and tends to it! Mojitos are my new favorite cocktail...

  4. This made me chuckle for the difference in growing seasons are so obvious between way up north and the Deep South where I am! You’re looking forward to August for your harvest and here, by end of June, most of our stuff has already burned up!! My friend in PNW is always amazed when I tell her I can’t eat one more fresh tomato... in May... because I’ve eaten so many beginning in April! She said, “hard to grow tomatoes in the snow!”


Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!