Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ten on the 10th ~ Gardening Containers

This makes me run for the hills:

Oh, Boy......The theme this month for the "Ten on the Tenth" was "Gardening Containers"

The joke was on me!

As many of you know: 

I hate gardening.
I hate dirt.
I hate bugs, snakes, slugs, etc.

So, this was a stretch, but I love a challenge!  

It is still COLD here in Central NY, so I looked back at some BRILLIANT ideas I had in the past:

Once, I planted an herb garden in a small aluminum pail that I bought at a garage sale for a few dollars....

and it took off and began to flourish!  I forgot to drill drainage holes, I over watered it, then everything wilted, then I let it dry out, they perked right up.....THEN I forget to water it, and they died and got all crispy......

It was a good plan!


Once I got the brilliant idea to buy rubber boots at a garage sale for a dollar....

...Yep, forgot to water the plants, the boots retained the heat from the rock and sun....you know the rest of the story.


This was a pretty good deal...$1 garage sale chair:

I planted assorted flowers in a plastic pot and dropped it into the seat.

The flowers lasted thru July 4th and guess what?  
Same thing happened.... the hose didn't reach this far!
And the chair fell apart!

This was a great idea:

It was a shell I found in the Caribbean - a freebie...and succulents really don't need much water, right?

Well, they shriveled up....and died.


And who doesn't like wine:

I tried this with a wooden wine box, and then the box fell apart because it got TOO WET, go figure!

 So those are my brilliant ideas for garden containers.

I don't suggest trying any of them.

I am sure the other bloggers listed below have some fabulous ideas, so let's hop!

From now on I am going to stick to buying flowers - but don't try this clever idea either, the tin leaked!!

Now it's time to read about some great ideas and success stories:

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Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

I live in central NY and I am a retired family and consumer science teacher. I enjoy all types of crafting, decorating and cooking


  1. Patti you crack me up! Too funny ,although I am sure frustrating at the time! If it makes you feel better, I love gardening ( although hate snakes, bugs etc too!) and have tried the chair planter. It worked great for a couple of years but eventually fell apart due to the weather. Your spice container is so cute. Maybe with a faux flower? Thanks for sharing. I LOVED your post!

  2. Great post! I rationalize that if I can keep flowering plants alive for a couple of months, they are still a better value than buying cut flowers....

  3. This just cracked me up!! Maybe you should be more strategic about where you place your cool containers. Closer to the hose, right at eye level...make it easy. You are hilarious and I love your thinking. :)

  4. Ah, Patti! I have a black thumb. I totally get the crispy plant thing, right there with you. So funny...and I buy flowers, too. They die in a week, because they're supposed to. No guilt there!!

  5. LOL Patti! I feel your pain. I'm good with containers until we leave and go to the lake for a long weekend only to come home to dead plants. So Trip bought one of those drip systems on a timer and they work like a charm!!!

    I like the idea about the tin with the flowers. Too bad that didn't work out because it's super cute!

  6. I love your sense of humor! This entire post is so funny! Have to say I like your ideas for containers though. You just need to remember to water! 😏
    I love the idea of the little tin as a vase. Need to use a pill bottle inside to hold the water.

  7. Patti I thought I was reading my life story! You are a woman after my heart! So many fails and no excuses whatsoever! And I too agree about all those nasty critters running outside. Your ideas are all great if only you could have a garden fairy to do the watering for you!

  8. Patti, this is hilarious. Believe me, I've done the same thing numerous times, under water, over water, under water, over water. Now I do the planting and my husband is in charge of watering. He is much better at it than I am. Stick with faux!

  9. I love this!!!!! Thank you for being REAL dear Patti!

    White Spray Paint

  10. Stick with me Patti! Hey, the primrose is still alive.

  11. Hahahaha, you are the Erma Bombeck of this group, Patti - truthfully hilarious. But the truth is, container gardening is a LOT of work with daily watering needs. I started cutting back on the number of pots I planted last year, and when I think of all the house plants I kept in the 70s, well, I must've been on drugs or something. I like the one about the chair the best - hose wouldn't reach and chair fell apart. :D

  12. HA HA Patti, I'm actually laughing out loud here!! Yes, I can relate! It's amazing the way weeds can grow on their own so easily but the things we want to grow need so much attention. You need the adorable watering can from MC to help you remember to water! Linda

  13. 🤣 I hate bugs and dirt too, just don't understand how that is fun, it's sweaty hard work!! I'm with you, buy flowers!! You have had some epic fails, but cute ideas!

  14. I am with you and still learning from my gardening mistakes! It is an expensive mistake to keep making but I'll keep trying! Funny post!

  15. Very funny post Patti. Being real and honest counts for a lot.

  16. Well how adorable is this! You have the most creative way of writing and you had me chuckling too! These are all fabulous ideas and something tells me that not all of them were fails!
    Enjoyed this challenge and working with you!

  17. This just cracked me up!! Maybe you should be more strategic about where you place your cool containers. Closer to the hose, right at eye level...make it easy. You are hilarious and I love your thinking. :)