Friday, June 1, 2018

The Tales of the Traveling Tote #15 - and a giveaway!

The Tales of the Traveling Tote #15

The Tales of the Traveling Tote is a series of adventures that share where our Mackenzie Childs tote bags have taken us.  Four times a year a group of bloggers each write a connected post about the places we have been. We have built incredible friendships through our blogs and we hope you enjoy our tales as much as we do!

To read about how it all began, go HERE

and it kept coming and coming, even for St Patty's Day:

...and went out like a lion - someone made Mother Nature quite angry this year!

Early April I stopped by Beekman 1802 in Sharon Springs to stock up on a few items...the weather was still cold and damp, with snow still on the ground!

Mid April I was lucky enough to stand in line for 90 minutes to go to the MacKenzie-Childs Warehouse Sale:

Look at the photo bomber behind me - little did she know how many people would see this photo!

And it took 90 minutes to check out!  But it was fun and I got a few goodies....

....and we filled 2 trunks!

We also went up to the "Mothership" and shopped in Aurora and toured the farmhouse to see the newly decorated living room:

We also met Dot and Donna who were just delightful!

Dot Dungan Beams and her twin, Donna Hogue 

We enjoyed lunch at Fargo in Aurora:

The next day I gathered my bags and I flew off to Ohio to babysit my two grandsons for 2 weeks!

The flight there was smooth and uneventful....

...can't say the same about the flight home as I got stuck in LaGuardia overnight!

My other daughter is getting married in September, so I went to Rochester to play with Caitlin for an overnight and to check out the Bridal Shower venue, shop and visit a few wineries!

May ended with me working in Albany for a few days and I spent an afternoon walking around  Saratoga Springs.  A sundial (in the photo on bottom right) always amazes me, as you can see I was there a little after 2!

Just the other day I left for Cape Cod:

So far I have had dinner on the Canal at Fisherman's Wharf, drinks at Pilot House...

shopping in Mashpee Commons and ... dessert on Falmouth Heights Beach...

...and today we leave for Martha's Vineyard for a long weekend!

Go to go catch the ferry.....

Katie is hosting our giveaway this time - make sure you leave her a comment:

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  1. Wow. Miss Kenzie certainly got around these past months. A MC warehouse sale is definitely on my bucket list. Love the pics of your grandchildren - they are darling. You have had some great weather on the Cape. Safe travels, Patti.

  2. Well, NY may have been covered in snow for months, but one can see that the "white stuff" doesn't stop you and those bags from making tracks! You covered a lot of territory, and there you are now enjoying the sun and surf (and fog) of the Cape and Vineyard! Looking forward to being in your beautiful upstate NY in July.

  3. Well you are one busy gal snow or no snow! Miss Kenzie looks quite sassy with the snow as her background, I see she doesn't mind one bit about the cold! The warehouse sale, you are so lucky to live nearby. "A few goodies" umm, looks like quite a haul:) Goodness, If I were lucky enough to go I would need a U-Haul! Those grand shots are so sweet, I know you enjoy those two week Patti. Have fun on the Cape!!!!

  4. I would say you definitely did get a few goodies...successful shopping is always fun. You and Miss Kenzie certainly have put on a lot of miles traveling lately. Enjoy the sun of the cape after all your snow.

  5. Miss Kenzie and yourself have been very busy. I am so jealous you can visit the MKC store and warehouse sale. The snow was really piled up around Miss Kenzie. Love seeing your sweet grands. The cocktail looks amazing Patti.

  6. Haha I love your definition of "a few goodies" - that made my heart happy to see the trunk full and to know there was another one - you lucky girl you. Miss Kenzie has so many friends too - you must be the most stylish and beautiful traveler around. Sorry you got stuck at the airport - that is always awful.
    Have such a wonderful sunny vacation - I have to say that the sight of the snow gave me the chills!

  7. I swear, I've never seen a woman keep the roads and air (and yes, water too!) so busy with travel. You are truly full of spunk and energy. Those packages were quite the workout - CrossFit's got nothing on you! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  8. What a fun post! And, the baby in the tote, cutest thing ever! I love the suitcase type tote too, never seen that. And, you and Miss Kenzie stay on the go I do believe. Happy travels!

  9. Oh goodness, your MKC swathed grandchild!! That is too precious! I know those were a very special 2 weeks. You guys did have a rough spring, but at least you made the most of it by shopping! I can't imagine standing in line for 90 minutes, then another 90 to check out! The handpainted wallpaper at the farmhouse is so dreamy, I've got to try that...You must be busy this summer with your daughter's upcoming wedding, and this time with her beforehand is extra special. I know you are enjoying your vacation getaway on the coast, and it's finally summer!

  10. You, my friend, have an adventurous spirit! Loved all your adventures and look forward to the next! Never a dull moment with us. xoxo

  11. I love seeing the photos of your grands, and one of them is portable in Miss Kenzie! SO cute. :D
    I can't get over that snow, wow! I shivered just looking at it!

    I enjoyed reading about your adventures, especially your trip to Aurora. Next time rent a You Haul It and fill her up!


  12. I can see why you have a bunch of MC need them all for traveling! Adorable grandchildren....what fun for you to go visit. Casa Larga is a nice choice for a shower. Where is the wedding and reception being held?

  13. That is a lot of snow! It's hard I know to see pictures over blogland of milder weather and you still have snow April 1st! I know how I felt when I lived in Fairbanks and breakup was in May.
    You scored big time at the MC warehouse sale.
    Your grand are adorable. Congrats on wedding coming up. You will be very busy!