Sunday, June 10, 2018

Ten on the Tenth...Flowers...

The theme this month for Ten on the Tenth is FLOWERS!

I was a bit stumped - mainly because I can't show you my flower garden - HAHA - because it is shameful!

One thing I can grow is herbs!  

Chives come up every year and need no care at all, so they thrive for me!!

Your first harvest of chives will blossom in the spring with pretty lavender flowers.  The seeds from the flowers will travel and spread throughout your garden and before you know it, chives will take over!  

At this point, you should cut your chives down to the ground as the first batch can be bitter and woody, 
don't toss out the flowers!

I often use white wine or champagne vinegar to make my herbal vinegars - these don't smell as harsh as plain old white vinegar!

I rinse, dry and soak the flower heads in the vinegar until the vinegar turns pink - sometimes for a week or two, storing it in the pantry, out of the light:

Look at this lovely color....

I strain it and pour it into pretty little bottles, adding a few stems of fresh chives:

A little tag and bow finishes off the presentation:

                                         I set them aside for little gifts:

Adding this recipe with a mini bottle of olive oil would complete the gift:

Folklore states that bunches of chives hung in your home will drive away diseases and evil!

White wine vinegar costs only a few dollars and you can make a few individual jars of Chive Vinegar out of a 16 oz bottle!

And not to brag much, but look at my oregano:

To see what I do with oregano, go HERE, HERE  and HERE


Another "flower" idea that is very inexpensive:

Organza flowers are very simple to make and can be used in many ways to add a touch of spring to your home or outfit.

You must purchase 100% organza (you can find it at any fabric store for a few dollars a yard). I make paper patterns freehand in the shapes of stars and flowers:

I cut the shapes from the fabric and melt the edges:

You must set up a station which will include a candle and a bowl of water. TRUST need the water in case the fabric catches on me!!

You must "melt" the edges of the organza so that is will not fray. Holding it a few inches above the candle will work well...any closer and you will certainly need the bowl of water!

I then layer about 5-7 pieces of fabric and go to my beads to create the centers:

I stitch up through all layers and thread 3 beads onto the needle and stitch through to the back, knotting.

And that's all there is to it. 
So, now what to do with these cute flowers? 
I add them to little romantic pillows:

Or you can turn them into pins:

I love these monthly challenges of spending only $10 and sharing our creations!!

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Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

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  1. Patti how cool is this? I love something that is not only pretty but useful too!

  2. These ideas are great. I can't wait to try them. I love the flowers.

  3. I have always wanted a small kitchen garden, but I too have brown thumb. You've given me hope that maybe I could be successful! And those organza flowers are amazing!

  4. Patti, we grow herbs, too, and love chive flowers. We just eat them straight from the "stalk". They are a spicy bite to them that's really good. I love the idea of chive vinaigrette. Will have to make some.

  5. Oh my I really love the organza flower idea. That is something I can see making as soon as I put the fire out after I burn down the house. Just kidding. I think it is a great way to use of left over pieces of organza.

  6. Oh goodness gracious I found this all SO interesting and these are just such pretty gifts too.
    Definitely pinning!

  7. What delightful gift ideas! You are so creative.

  8. Patti, such great ideas! Love the pink chive blossom vinegar, yum the vinegarette sounds delicious. Cute idea for the flowers, they are adorable. Your oregano looks so pretty and I’m your your herb garden is lovely. Thanks for the recipe.
    Have a wonderful week......

  9. The Chive Blossom Vinaigrette is such a lovely idea Patti, what a delightful gift! The flowers are adorable too, fun projects! The only thing I can grow well is rosemary and begonias :)

  10. You are a very creative force of energy, Patti! You work magic with herbs in many different ways, and have great ideas for crafts too. I used to burn pointe shoe ribbons so they wouldn't fray, so I understand the dangers you speak of. :)

  11. I love the idea of chive vinegar....I have them growing in my garden too. I will leave the organza flowers for you to make!!