Saturday, March 10, 2018

Ten on the 10th....

The Ten on the 10th group was challenged this month to find "home decor" that could be created for less than $10!

I was stumped at first, but then realized that I change my family room cornice-valances quite often.  I refer to them as "cornice-valances" but they are truly neither.  

They are simply lined fabric stapled to a thin board and nailed to the inside of the woodwork:

The directions and other treatments can be found in these old posts:
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I LOVE fabric and am always searching for remnants on sale.  This pair can be made with less than a yard of fabric and can be lined with the cheapest of white fabric.  The trim is the most expensive part, but I can often find a few yards in the sale bin, too!

Fabric was $7 yd
Trim remnant was $4 for 3 1/2 yds
Lining was $3 yd
Total was $14, so only $7 per window!

The best part is that I can change them out so easily.  I just pull the fabric and staples off the boards and make new ones - OR - use the old ones.  I have about 6 different fabric patterns and change them quite often!

These have also been on the same windows:

These are in the morning room windows:

I added a band on the top of each panel to coordinate with the slider curtains:

And this is currently in the dining room:

It was made with a dupioni silk that I purchased for only $8!

We have been in our home for almost 8 years and I love the idea of having just toppers on the windows.  There are shades on each window, so we can have privacy at night, but during the day I enjoy the brightness - and I have a husband who keeps the window glass nice and clean for me!!

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  1. Patti,
    I love all of your "valances"! I do the same thing in my kitchen. Yours are so pretty! It is amazing that just a little bit of color can change a whole room.

  2. Your valances are all beautiful and I can't believe how affordable they are. The trim gives them such a designer feel.

  3. I love all these valances! So much more affordable than full length curtains and they let so much natural light filter in.

  4. Oh my goodness! Your valences are so pretty and economical. I really love the trim that you've added to them. I have a place located not too far from me where I can get some bargains on trim so I stick it on everything!

  5. These are really pretty and make quite the statement in your rooms Patti. If I could find fabric at such a great price I too would do the same thing. The fabrics are all gorgeous! As is that unique trim!

  6. Those look great, Patti. Nice job and big change for not much money! Love it- xo Diana

  7. Patti, your home looks terrific. What a great solution for your windows - just like pillow covers - to be able to change on a whim. You're a creative wizard.

  8. Oh you've got to love a man that washes windows! What a brilliant and creative way to change your look! And thrifty! Looks fantastic~

  9. Those are gorgeous, Patti! They have the completely custom look and the fact that you are doing them for such a good price is great information. Window treatments are expensive!

  10. These valances are so pretty and I love your mindset and creative ability! So custom and the trim sets them off perfectly!

  11. Totally genius! I adore valances, have them on just about every window in my house and I am always looking for easy and inexpensive ones. I love this idea. Pretty windows...I am totally copying you!! Thanks!

  12. I love what you have done here. So simple and my kind of frugal. Hugs and blessings, Cindy