Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale 2012 Part 4

Here are some tables I wanted but couldn't afford:
To die for:
My favorite:
Some day...
I will admit there was some drooling on my part!
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  1. Patti, I was drooling over the tables too! I'm going to email you a picture of the one that I fell in love with...can't remember the name right now.

  2. Definitely drool worthy. We considered one of the ceramic bases for our NY apartment, but the price was more than we cared to invest. Sure do like the look though. Love your favorite. You could paint one for yourself........Sarah

  3. I have so enjoyed your posts about the barn sale. I love their style but am too cheap to buy it! Are the prices good at the barn sale?

  4. I loved the pictures of the sale tables, wow they are something, would love to have one of those little beauties....


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Thanks for stopping by!