Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A few things I bought at the M-C Barn Sale...

I found the small canister and the sugar bowl....
and 2 more berry bowls...
...and the Parchment Heart....
...and some "fish" knobs for the guest bathroom...
I also bought the checked vase, 4 more checked dishes, a ceramic dinner plate, napkins, asst. knobs - I think I have enough checked pieces for now...but I am sure I will change my mind when the Barn Sale rolls around in 2013!
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  1. Love those canisters! Why is there no MC here???????


  2. Patti, can one ever have enough of CC? I don't think so!!!!
    Great new additions.
    I only have one berry bowl and seeing your stack reminds me that I want to add more. I did add two of the mini compotes this spring when I found them on sale at NM. Would love more of them too. That wish list just keep on growing.

  3. I would have gone for the canister and sugar bowl, too, Patti! It sounds like it was a great sale and you got some great things.


Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!