Friday, July 20, 2012

MacKenzie-Childs Beds

Here are some beds found in the MacKenzie-Childs Farm House:
I love the unique half-round pillows and hope to make some!
The bed linens are just lovely!
And not all of the rooms are feminine...The C-C room is quite masculine:
I think I could live comfortable there!
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  1. Patti, oh I could live in this farm house. When I visited it had recently been redecorated by Pleasant Rowland, toned down a bit from when R & V had it. I loved it! So many unique touches throughout that obviously had been original to R&V's time. Love those beds! Liking the half pillows and especially that bed tray. Wonder if they ever sold those? Thanks for sharing more photos. More, more! ~ Sarah
    Did you get my email about the teapot?

  2. Oh, loving these pics and like you the unique pillows! I see some sewing in our future!


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Thanks for stopping by!