Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale 2012 Part 3

There is so much to see when you visit the production plant in Aurora and I was able to take some photos of areas that most visitors would never see!

Here are some photos from "behind the scenes" at the Barn Sale this past weekend:

Here is the vegetable garden with Cayuga Lake in the background:
When Victoria and Richard built the production plant and barn they decorated in their wild, whimsical style and it still remains. This is one of the bathroom ceilings in the Barn. Dishes, cups, glassware, etc is attached to the ceiling, the sink was the fish bowl and the countertop wss tiled in a variety of patterns:
The first floor in the back of the Barn has a kitchen, which is all tiled. Even the floor has M-C tiles!

The employee soda/water cart was painted with a local scene of Cayuga Lake:

The second story of the barn stores much of the barn sale items, and trust me, there were so many boxes that the Barn Sale could have gone on for a week!:

Looking up from the 2nd floor through the large circular opening you can see the 3rd floor ceiling:
The 3rd floor used to be a cafe where they served lunches. The booths and serving bar is still there, along with tons of enamelware and more boxes!

A closer look at the ceiling - you name it and it is attached - everything from chairs, bikes, manikins, lamps, dishes, chaises and so on:
It is such a unique ceiling...
and it makes you wonder WHO meticulously attached all these treasures:
This is the side of the main store and the lovely pond:
And the lily pads were in bloom!
I was like a kid in a candy store, peeking around behind the scenes and remembering the ol' days when the Barn was full of life and was not a storage area!

Stop by tomorrow to see more!

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  1. Patti, I took my niece and mom to the restaurant many years ago and we will always remember our pleasant experience. Thanks for the behind the scenes photos. I owe my passion for Mackenzie-Childs dinnerware to Richard and Victoria! They make life fun.

  2. Patti, thanks for showing us some behind the scenes shots. The restaurant in the barn was closed the time I visited, but I did get to experience the one in NYC when they were in their first location.
    It is amazing how the ceilings are covered with various things attached. The shop in NY was like that too. The new NY location is a bit tamer. ;-)
    Not to say it isn't fabulous and fun. Have you had a chance to visit? Like Debbie, I have had a passion for McK-C since Richard and Victoria fist began producing their whimsical line of furniture and tableware. ~ Sarah

  3. Hi Patti... I am a friend of Debbie's (Mountain Breaths). Her and I go WAY back with our "obsession" due to a common friend that got us started. I also remember the original building - I remember telling anyone who visited to "go to the bathroom and look up". When you were there you just had to check that out. Loved the tavern too. I also remember the shop being downstairs in that building. Glad you were able to have the experience of working there... I am guessing it was a lot of fun. I was not able to go this year - but a friend was my "personal" shopper and she got me just about everything on my "need/want" list. Enjoy your purchases

  4. I am enjoying these posts so much, do you only have four? on Mackenzie Childs??


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Thanks for stopping by!