Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Father's Books...

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My father was a collector of old books. It was just a hobby, and if he could get an old book for a dime or a quarter, he felt he had hit the jackpot!
When he passed away a few years ago, I had the task of packing up about 15 boxes of books to take to auction. Days of research and phone calls led me to make this tough decision.

A few books caught my eye and I decided to keep them. Not because of their value, but because my father enjoyed particular authors, and often quoted them.
A complete set of fragile books written by Edgar Allen Poe (1902) sit around my home. A few are wrapped with a curtain tieback I purchased at MacKenzie-Childs a few years ago.
A gentle reminder of my father.

Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

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  1. Patti,
    I loved your post. Those are very special books indeed. Wonderful display with the curtain tieback.

  2. Hi Patti, Love your love for those books. Isn't it amazing the simple things that remind us of our dads?

    I'm sooooo sorry about not getting back to you sooner about your wallpaper question. It's not wallpaper, it's just fabric I had on hand. I wanted the photo to have some life and thought the fabric would work. If you love the fabric I got it at Joann's about a year ago.

    Love your sweet blog and it's so nice to meet you. Your blog background is one of my very favorites. I've signed on so I will stop by regular now to see all your projects. So nice to meet you!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've already used the mixer 3 times, I love it! Your books are so beautiful, what a lovely reminder of your father.

  4. A very nice way to keep some of your father's books.

  5. What special books and a great keepsake! I love the flowers on them! Stop by and visit me sometime!

  6. Very special memories and incredible books.

  7. Great post... I love old books!

    Would also LOVE your support on the ELLE DECOR window I did for the Big Window Challenge this year with Apartment Therapy. Check it out at http://www.bigwindowchallenge com. As we all know, AT doesn’t make it easy, but you can vote TWICE a day, once online and the other by texting “1” to 89800.

    Your support means the world to me!!


  8. I don't look forward to the day that I have to sell my parents estate. They are both collectors of so many different things - it will be impossible to keep it all. This post makes me want to hug my Dad.

    The books look like they are in wonderful shape. I know you treasure them.

  9. I have been there and done that...not easy. But what a wonderful tribute to your father....

    I loved this....

    Lou Cinda

  10. Patti, I too am a Poe fan....I LOVE this post not only bc of the books featured, but the special memories that go along with them. Glad you kept them. I know your dad would be happy!Great work!

    Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!


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