Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Family stuff….

I think I have created a monster!  
Here is daughter #2, Caitlin, painting checks on wine glasses:

She is becoming quite crafty - and they came out just perfect:

We just returned from Ohio, and had a great Easter with our 4 year old grandson, Carter:

and daughter #1, sara….

And this makes me laugh every time I look at this photo.  This is Carter's portrait of Barack Obama:

And finally, I am off to Florida again to bring Mom back to NY.

I will be back to blogging at the beginning of May!

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  1. Wonderful family photos, Patti. Love that checkered "monster" you have created. Your little guy is so cute and your family is lovely. I hope the move back works out okay with your Mom. xo Diana

  2. Fun family photos, Patti. Hope you have a good trip and good luck with the move. Your mom is beautiful!

  3. Wow, Caitlyn is just as talented as her mom! I see a lot more checks in your future ;o) Carter is so handsome and your family is beautiful. I hope your mom enjoys a beautiful summer here in New York.

  4. Carter is getting so big, Patti! I'm sure you enjoyed every second with him!

  5. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  6. Guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree! Wishing you a safe trip to pick up your mother.
    Have a great week, Patti.

  7. What great pictures, I can't believe how big Carter is! It's been a bit of a rough spring, I rebroke the arm (lifting a file folder with 10 sheets of paper) 12 days after the plate was taken out (from the break in August!) The plate came out on St. Patricks Day, and another plate was put in on April 7. Back on track now...took myself on a great "mini vaca" to Raleigh to see Springsteen in concert (awesome!), the Southern Women's Show, a great arts/crafts festival, and a wonderful brunch and tour of Durham with my friends Dennis and Tim. It's finally consistently spring here in NC, and by the end of the week the temps will be summer like! Take care.......

  8. Wow, your Mom is so beautiful. I want to age like her! I want to be as skinny as your daughter and I want a grandson like I am not envious, but you are Blessed!


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