Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine Trash

We are having a Super Bowl Party on Sunday and I made some Valentine Trash for the teenagers who will be here:

I chopped up 14 Oreos and mixed it with cheerios and pretzels and spread them out on a piece of parchment paper:

I took about 2 cups of white chocolate and melted it in the microwave:

I poured the chocolate over the cookie mix and spread the chocolate around, tossing it with the cookie mix.  I then sprinkled some M&Ms and Valentine sprinkles on top:

After chilling it for a while I broke up the pieces and place the chunks in cupcake liners.

And of course set some aside for me to munch on!

Mmmm good!

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  1. I bet that’s delicious! I love that sweet and salty combination!! Lucky teens!

  2. Patti, this looks good. I, too, like to mix sweet and salty foods.

  3. Looks yummy -- and so festive! I may "borrow" your idea when my grandkids visit next weekend!

  4. Hey, Patti! You're really piling on the decadence!!!!!! This will be a nice snack to get a lot of people through the Super Bowl and on to Fat Tuesday and beyond!!! I'm a huge fan of salty/sweet like this!!!!! Thank you for stopping by my place earlier today. I am super slow getting around the last couple of days because I am thoroughly enjoying looking at everyone's posts with all the Valentine's Day stuff! I am headed to your Valentine table next!


Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!