Tuesday, January 23, 2024

A Valentine Breakfast

Today I am joining Rita @ Panoply and a group of creative bloggers for a table setting blog hop!

I have set my table in shades of lavender and pink:

The dishes are tied together with tie backs I purchased at MacKenzie-Childs back in the 90's and the napkins are folded into a heart:

The centerpiece is simply 2 candles and a beaded napkin ring clip in a mini MacKenzie-Childs vase that I received as a gift from the company:

A tall candle stands tall in a MacKenzie-Childs Circus juice glass:

A little lavender glitter heart sits on the side for my guest to take home:

My hand painted wine glasses are a staple in my house!

The lace placemats are actually plastic!!

The top plate is from Sydenstricker Glass Co. on Cape Cod:

Won't you join me?

Four years ago I was invited to have Valentine lunch with Rebecca Proctor at the MacKenzie-Childs farmhouse in Aurora. You can read about it HERE.    
This was the gift we received:

So, what will I serve?

Quiche, banana bread and fresh fruit!


Hop around and visit my friends to see their incredible Valentine tables:

Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

I live in central NY and I am a retired family and consumer science teacher. I enjoy all types of crafting, decorating and cooking


  1. Patti, love your table, and would love being your guest, just as you were with Rebecca (pre-Covid, too. Little did we know!). I am a big fan of the softer colors for Valentine's Day (I departed myself this year!). Those tiebacks are really pretty atop the dainty salad plate, such detail, and I'd have never guessed the placemats were plastic, no way! I haven't seen the heart napkin fold either - it makes such a nice part of the table. When I saw you were having a Valentine breakfast I thought maybe it was going to be a #myhusbandisbetterthanyours table setting. Love your menu, love your table, love that you're part of these tablescape hops with so many cleverly artistic ideas.

  2. Patti, your color palette is so pretty and I love the pretty tie back bouquets and like Rita, I would have never known your lace placemats were plastic--so lovely! Pinned!

  3. Kari @ Me and My CaptainJanuary 23, 2024 at 11:51 AM

    Patti, I always look forward to blog hopping with you because of your never ending supply of MC pieces. They are just lovely. Using plastic placemats gives us both ends of the spectrum in regards to costs. How clever of you. I also love the lavender and pink for Valentine's Day...so pretty. Have a great and wonderful day.

  4. Love your creative use of the tiebacks across your plate stack! The lavender is a such a nice departure and soft color for Valentine’s Day. I would never have guessed your lace placemats were plastic. Love your pretty signed heart plate too. As always, it’s a treat to have a virtual seat at your table and hop with you. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. I remember that special Valentines lunch you had with Rebecca. The gifted heart plate is so pretty. Such a cute use of the tiebacks from MKC. The color palette is lovely with lavender and pink. Those lace placemats look like real lace, an with an intricate design.
    I would gladly join you for this special meal. Always a pleasure Patty joining you on these hops.

  6. How special to be invited to have lunch with Rebecca! I love the way you used the tiebacks from MKC! I would have never guessed the placemats were plastic, they look like lace! Quiche sounds delicious for lunch! It is always a treat to hop with you, Patti ❤️

  7. Oh Patti, this is beautiful! I love love the colors you used! So many wonderful creative touches, the tie backs tied on the pretty plate stack, your very inventive centerpiece, and of course, your hand painted wine glasses. The napkin hearts are amazing, and the lacy placemat doesn't look plastic at all, I thought it was fabric! Your gift from Rebecca Proctor is so special and I know it brings back happy memories when you see it. It all looks gorgeous 💕

  8. Patti, I love your table colors of lavender, pink, and white. They are so soft and pretty. Your plate stack is lovely with the MKC tie backs. I never would have known the placemats were plastic - they look crocheted to me. Lunch with Rebecca must have been fantastic and what a wonderful memory. The gift heart plate is so pretty and the centerpiece is perfect. The menu sounds delicious. It was a pleasure hopping with you and I wish you a most lovely Valentine's Day!

  9. Love the MKC tieabacks. Very creative way to use them. Pretty placemats and dainty goblets. I love the glittered hearts for each person.
    Hugs, Karin

  10. Patti, your table for two is lovely with the soft colors and pretty details. The plate stack is striking. You gave me a beautiful dish from the Sydenstricker Glass Co. Do you recall? I've always admired it and enjoyed using it. I keep it out on my desk. I remember the wonderful tea you attended at the Farm House. Such a special occasion. Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Love the way your white and purple color scheme stands out against the dark table. It looks lovely. Wrapping the plate with a lovely miniature bouquet is so pretty. I think I'm going to have to use that idea in a future tablescape. LOL Starting Valentine's Day with a beautiful breakfast is such a nice idea. I especially like the heart napkins that go so well with the heart dishes on the table. Have a lovely Valentine's Day.

  12. Mmmmmmm - what time is breakfast!?🤣 Your menu sounds as pretty as your table! I love the ribbons and the MC touches. And how fun that you got to meet with Rebecca, and have that lovely momento to remember it by! I couldn't help but notice your gorgeous cabinet in the background - that wood grain is just beautiful. It's so nice to hop with you - Happy Valentines Day!

  13. Such a prettily set table for breakfast! I love the soft colors you chose. Using the tiebacks to wrap the plates like a present is a creative and unexpected detail. The lacy placemats are romantic as is the napkin heart. Their different textures add more detail. The hand-painted wine glasses are a wonderful touch. Have a very happy Valentine's Day.

  14. Very pretty table, Patti. I love all the lavenders and grays! Your heart-shaped plate signed by Rebecca is so pretty. I was stunned to read that your lace placemats are plastic! What a great find! Very romantic table, and the napkin folds are perfect. Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. Patti, I have so enjoyed all of your MacKenzie-Childs pieces and the little heart candy dish is really sweet! A very nice gift. <3 So glad I popped by from Rita's over at Panoply! Please if you have time, come by Share Your Style and I'll look for your post for next week's edition. Love all the Valentine's posts featured in this round up! <3

    Warm hugs,
    Barb :)