Wednesday, March 1, 2023

The Tales of the Traveling Tote #34


A few times a year 10 of us write a connected post about the places our MacKenzie-Childs tote bags have taken us.  They might include business trips, shopping adventures, weeklong vacations or simply every day escapades! Follow along with our quarterly adventures and join us on Instagram on the 15th of each month!

Here is what I have been up to for the last 3 months:


It's a blur....Sara (and family) was traveling from Ohio to NY and got stuck in Buffalo for 4 days due to a massive snowstorm and travel bans.  Luckily they found a great hotel.  They snuck out of town on the 26th so we all celebrated Christmas in Rochester a day late!

January is always a "grey month". We usually have a lot of snow, but this winter gave us mild weather.  Here is all the excitement I had:

I worked on this crazy puzzle for 6 days:

We played in the snow one day:


My friend, Tobey, and I went to "oh my darling" for lunch one day.

The building, on S Salina St in Syracuse, is now named the Whitney Lofts.  It pays homage to the former Whitney Department store, which was part of the bygone days of Syracuse’s shopping district in the 1950′s and 1960′s  The building was also home to Park & Brannock Shoe Company where The Brannock Device
, used to measure shoe size, was invented.

This piece of this history hangs on the wall as you enter the speakeasy in the basement.

If you enter through the door of Clementine, (the coffee, tea and grab and go part of the restaurant) and the light is on above the door to the left, the classy 1920 speakeasy bar is open downstairs, no need for a special code or password! 

 The Fitz, named for Ella Fitzgerald, recreates the magic of the Jazz Age.

The original steam apparatus that operated the elevator is still in place.....

...and the elevator is currently a private seating area!!

The original tin ceiling catches your eye as soon as you enter the bar!

Cabaret Nights are held once a month, highlighting local talent, and nightly entertainment is mentioned on their website!

The restaurant, oh my darling, is upstairs, on ground level.

We started off with a delicious cocktail:

and for lunch we had:

If you are ever in Syracuse, this is certainly a place to visit, grab a meal, or have a cocktail!
A few weeks later I flew to Ohio to babysit my grandsons - the drive out there can be tough in the winter, especially in Buffalo and Erie, so flying sounded like a better idea!  My daughter and her husband went to Dominican Republic to celebrate her 40th birthday!

I left home during an ice storm and landed in Columbus with 72° weather!  I will be with these handsome guys for 10 days:


Rita @ Panoply is hosting our giveaway this time, so swing on over and leave a comment for a chance to win this MacKenzie-Childs luggage tag:

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Are you looking for a tote bag?  This one is fabulous:

See you again in June:

Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

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  1. Oh my darling sounds like a great place to visit. Love places with lots of history to them. Your Grandsons are handsome guys. Hugs. Kris

  2. Happy March Patti! I know you're glad winter is almost over! I'm glad your winter was mostly warmer than usual, but when your daughter and her family got stuck on their way to your house for Christmas you must have been so worried and disappointed, so glad they finally made it. Your grandsons are adorable, but wow 10 days is a long time! The restaurant and Speak Easy look like fun places to go, and your lunch sounded delicious~ on to the next adventure!

  3. Happy March! Looks like fun places you visited. It's always good to get out. How fun the Speak Easy must have been. So glad your winter was mild. Your grands are adorable. Have fun with them! Oh My Darling is such a lovely name. The Clementine Whiskey smash looks yummy.

  4. You stay busy! I know your time with your handsome guys is always special. I enjoyed the visit to the old buildings. I definitely remember the shoe measure. Happy March!

  5. Patti, certainly managed to stay on the go with all the bad weather. I know you were happy to have your Christmas with Sarah and family after the dreadful weather kept them away. Oh My Darling is certainly filled with a lot of interesting facts and history. I'm sure it's a special place to join friends for lunch. I know your trip to stay with the handsome grands is special. It's always wonderful spending time with the grands anywhere and anytime. Happy Birthday to your daughter...Happy March!

  6. Speakeasies must be popular in your area. I enjoyed reading about the one Deb posted about, too! They sound like fun, and I really would love Oh My Darling, I think! I'm happy you finally were able to celebrate Christmas with your family. Christmas travel was a mess this year! I know you are having a blast with your grands. :D BTW the puzzle is so neat. I haven't tried one yet. Will you frame it? Thanks for being our Fearless Leader. I truly appreciate you!

  7. Patti, I am so glad that your daughter and family made it for Christmas! What a nightmare with having to wait out the weather! We have had crazy weather too, but we have been able to miss most of it!
    What a puzzle - that needs to be matted and framed. I just love it.
    Oh my! That restaurant is Darling! What fun and the speak easy has so many cool things. You always have so many fun places to go and to take us along.

  8. Your days, weeks and months are ALWAYS full of traveling adventures, Patti. The trips to see family have to be some of your best. I know you must be getting very tired by now with those two boys keeping you super busy! Happy March!

  9. Oh My Darling looks like a fun place to visit! However, talk about darling…those grandsons of yours sure are!!! I loved seeing the Ohio State sweatshirt (my Alma Mater!!). Enjoy your time with the boys and happy March!

  10. Oh My Darling sounds like a fun place to visit. I used to love having my foot measured with that Brannock Device! Enjoy your time with the boys, and I look forward to your future tote travels. Happy March!