Wednesday, November 10, 2021

10 on the 10th: Ornaments


Our theme for 10 on the 10th this month is "Christmas Ornaments"  
Do you need a way to store those very special, breakable ornaments?  I have some ornaments that were on my father's tree when he was young and they are made of glass.  I also have a few from my husband's family tree and would feel so bad if any of these were broken in storage.

Here's a way to keep them safe in storage...

I am sharing these ideas with the bloggers listed at the bottom of this post, please hop over to see what they made!

I save these cookie containers....

...and wrap each ornament in tissue paper, and store 3-4 ornaments in each tube - then I store all of the tubes in a large bin!

This idea was FREE - however the cookies are $2.99!

I have been hooked on these Baton Cookies lately - If you haven't tried them, RUN to your local Trader Joe's and buy a few ~ the lemon are my favorite!

Another idea for these containers is to use them as gift boxes!

The containers are perfect for 'gift packaging' cookies, socks, vinegars or balsamics, mittens or gloves, scarves, etc....the cookies are wrapped in a foil bag, so no need to clean out the inside of the tube!

I cut a piece of deco paper and used a double side tape dispenser to attach it:

This is so much easier than glue, but attach it however you like!

I added two different ribbons to a small floral pick.....

and hot glued it to the top lid:

Another can you can use, is a Pringles can - however these will need to be cleaned out, or you will have to wrap your gift in a plastic bag inside, because of the grease and salt from the chips

This Pringles can was also wrapped in deco paper and then I tied a floral pick to the front with green ribbon

This design could also be duplicated using tin cans, too!

Sheets of deco paper are about $.50, floral picks are under $3.00 and I used ribbon from my stash!

I hope you will visit these other blogger friends to see their ornament ideas - it's never too early to begin thinking about the holidays!:

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Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

I live in central NY and I am a retired family and consumer science teacher. I enjoy all types of crafting, decorating and cooking


  1. I have a few of those ornaments too. They are my favorite. Looks like I need to find a Trader Joe's! Great idea Patti. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. This is the perfect way to keep those special ornaments safe. Thanks for sharing it, Patti!

  3. You won't believe this but I used the exact lemon cookie canister and made one very similar only with CC wrapping paper. Great minds! I must say, yours is much fancier and dressed up with the floral pic. I might have to copy that part!

  4. Very cute Patti! I will never look at a Pringles can the same way again!!

  5. This is a great idea Patti and looks so pretty as well. Every year I have broken ornaments so this would be a great way to save the ones I have left. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great idea! I love the idea of giving a gift in the cans. We don't have any Trader Joe's on the Gulf Coast, so I'd have to go with Pringles cans. You could wrap your gift in tissue paper to keep the grease off as well. That would keep it very cheap. The gift cans are so adorable with the picks on top, and are so customizable. Love it!

  7. Clever wrapping ideas Patti. You know I share your love of those vintage ornies.

  8. What great wrapping & storage ideas!!

  9. I love your black diamond gift wrapping example! Great idea for storing your vintage ornaments in the can, also.

  10. Such a helpful post, and I like the idea of both ornament storage and packaging. So cute, Patti!

  11. Cute idea for gifting cookies or candy and for storage.
    I popped into a friend's store this afternoon just to say hello. She had some beautiful tabletop Christmas trees made from vintage ornaments. She said the daughter had cleaned out her mom's estate and used all the vintage ornaments to make these trees. They were lovely!

  12. Great idea! TJ's is just the best!