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The Tales of the Traveling Tote #27 and a GIVEAWAY!

March 2021

This year our Pirish celebration was quiet and we visited Caitlin and her family in Rochester for the day...

...and this little leprechaun brightened our day!

The Mackenzie-Childs Aurora store closed and a few of us met there for the sale at the end of the month:

It was a gorgeous spring day and we spent the afternoon in the parking lot chatting and catching up. You can see Cayuga Lake across the street!    Lunch at the Aurora Inn was delish!


Another day was spent on Lake Ontario.  It was a bright sunny day and the water was so calm!

The Outlet at MacKenzie-Childs opened on May 1st and a group of us met at the crack of dawn to be the first to enter the store.  You can see us through the arch, all set up for mimosas and breakfast!  

It was a chilly morning, but later on the sun came out and it was a beautiful day!

My tote was hiding in my car filled with purchased treasures!

We had loads of laughs and fun tailgating in the parking lot for hours!

This photo was taken out the side door of the shop.  Cayuga Lake is in the background!  If you haven't been here, add it to your bucket list!  The Finger Lakes region of NY is absolutely beautiful!

The second weekend in May we drove to Ohio to visit our grandsons.

My Courtly Check bag fit right in with the Soap Box Derby decor!  We had a great time with the boys and it was great to see all of them after many, many months!  


At the end of May I went to Cape Cod for a "Girl's Week"

I stopped in my home town for my fav pizza and ate at DW Field Park, one of my fav spots on earth:

Have you ever tried to take a photo, while driving, on a circle, in traffic, while someone behind you was tooting his horn?  Well here's proof it can be done:

My college BFF and I spent a day in Plymouth....

Introducing #mytravelingbeachbag:

...Another day was spent at Falmouth Height Beach on the ocean side and also East Sandwich Beach on the bay side:

I walked the path to Scusset Beach....

...and then the Jetty along the Cape Cod Canal:

Funny story about Jetties - - when my brother and I were young we used to love to run on the jetties and my Mom would always scream at us "stop running on the jetties because you will fall into the ocean and I am not going to help you get back up".  Luckily we never fell - and I don't think I have the coordination to do it now!

These two photos are taken at opposite places.  On the left I was at Scusset Beach, taking a photo of White Cliffs and on the right I was at White Cliffs taking a photo of Scusset Beach!

A day spent at Heritage Gardens in Sandwich was well spent.  The azaleas and rhododendrons were so colorful:

My college girlfriends and I took the fast ferry to Martha's Vineyard....

...on a beautiful 80' day....

....I stopped by Susan Branch's home:

...we enjoyed cocktails at Nancy's in Oak Bluffs and had lunch at The Black Dog in Vineyard Haven.  we had a later stop at The Seafood Shanty for another cocktail overlooking Edgartown and Chappaquiddick!

The Sandwich Boardwalk is always a fun jaunt to the beach on the bayside:

While walking the boardwalk....

...we saw a shark egg in the marsh:

Town Neck Beach has this scary sign - it makes you want to find a swimming pool nearby:

Bye, bye Cape Cod!

It is so exciting to know that we can begin to feel safe in our travels and enjoy some trips that have become traditions....I hope you are feeling comfortable in your community to resume doing the things you have missed this past year!

Ricki Jill is hosting our giveaway, make sure you leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win this switchplate!

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  1. Patti, your travels were exciting to read about, even just traveling along vicariously, after being cooped up for so long. You were smart to go to the Cape before the crowds get crazy. There's so many places in that area where you grew up that I'd still like to explore. We've only ventured to a few (MV, Plymouth), and I'd definitely like go to the Finger Lakes area. Needless to say, the Outlet is on my bucket list. You guys looked like you had a blast for the opening.

  2. Once things opened up you really made up for lost time Patti! Oh how wonderful it must be to visit Aurora and shop MacKenzie-Childs! It's so neat that you've made so many MKC friends and meet up for shopping. I'm sure your girl's trip to the Cape was non stop fun, and I know you were thrilled to see your grands again. Happy June, Happy Summer and Happy Travels!!

  3. How wonderful things are better and we all feel we can begin to resume some excursions and travel. You have not let the grass grow under you feet Patti! Your fun is so evident in your happy face. I know the feeling, finally seeing our loved ones after a long lock down. I would have loved to been at the opening of the warehouse, fabulous photos meeting other collectors there. I love the tote filled with an adorable grand, just so cute! You've been to so many beautiful spots this spring, some I am adding to my travel list!!!! Thanks for the pretty pics and sharing all the fun you've experienced this spring. I am getting there! Happy travels. PS, I have that new tote too, just haven't broken it out yet.......

  4. Looks like you managed to get out and enjoy your travels. So fun to meet up with friends and family. Darling photo of your little Leprechaun in your tote. How special to be able to meet up with fellow MC lovers and shop together. You a re so fortunate to live close. The cape looks lovely. Feels so good to get out and meet with friends. Happy summer and happy June.

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful time on vacation in Cape Cod. It's nice you got away before the crowds arrive there. I enjoyed looking at all of the photos of where you took your bag.

  6. Patti, you and Miss Kenzie have been busy traveling! Love seeing all the photos from the Cape. I'd love to get a Cape trip on my own calendar, but that's not likely. Happy Summer!

  7. Goodness, Patti, you have been the Travel Gal! Lucky you! I enjoyed seeing all the photos of your adventures. I would love to pick your brain about the new outlet shop at MacKenzie-Childs. Are the prices lower than retail? Did they have lots of prototypes and unusual things? I know you were happy visiting your kiddos in Ohio: I enjoy seeing the photos of your adorable grandsons! I want grands...so many of my friends have them already, LOL! I want to plan a trip with a few of my college girlfriends...I have been bitten hard by the travel bug, as we all have.

  8. So great to get out and enjoy some traveling and meeting with friends and family. Your little Leprechaun in your tote is adorable! The Outlet is fun, and a great meeting place for fellow collectors! Happy June.

  9. Good morning, Patti. You've had an awful lot of fun these past months. It makes me miss Mass. I love your Irish shirt! Have a wonderful week!

  10. Wow! You've been on the road and having a glorious time! I love it -- the Cape Cod trip, especially. And wasn't it fun to see the grands? I adore your new beach bag!

  11. Patti, I just picture you loading up your car with your totes and taking off someplace beautiful every week! The area you live in is so varied and stunning, and you always seem to find someplace new to explore. How fun to get together with the lovely MC ladies and add to your vast collection - lucky!!! You guys made it so fun with breakfast. I am going to have to look up what a shark egg is! I don't think I would be getting past my knees in shark waters.

  12. Your girl's trip sounds fabulous! I Just love time spent on the Cape and looking at your photos makes me think it's time to try another day trip to the Vineyard.

  13. You made some wonderful memories, Patti. I enjoyed 'tagging along'!