Wednesday, September 30, 2020

S'Mores by the campfire....

Seven of us just returned from spending 5 days in this lovely home in the Adirondacks:

We were thrilled to have the perfect fire pit to sit by each evening!

John cut up some wood with his hatchet and we also bought some.

We spent 5 nights hypnotized by the fire:

To make it even more exciting, I made a box of fixings to make S'mores:

What was in the box? 
chocolate filled marshmallows
graham crackers
fudge striped cookies
chocolate chip cookies
shortbread cookies
Hershey's Chocolate bars
Hershey's Gold bars
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Each night we took the box out to the fire and created some interesting combos!

If you haven't made a S'more with peanut butter cups, you have no idea what you are missing!

Caitlin made us all thermal cups, with our names on one side and the date on the other side:

It's funny how the simple things in life mean so much!

We played Trivia,  Heads Up, shared stories, sang songs and had great conversations around the campfire...

...and even lit sparklers!

Life is always better around the campfire!


  1. That looks like such fun! I just bought a set of those marshmallow forks and have my S'mores fixin's all ready. Plus, it promises to be perfect firepit weather this weekend!

  2. Awe, how fun and so nice to sit by a fire outside. Love it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. How much fun! Smores are my very favorite!!!

  4. Of course, you made a precious box filled with s'more always make everything cute!!!
    What a lovely scene you set....friends, campfire, laughing and talking. You're right, it's the simple things these days that we are so appreciative of!!!

  5. Patti, how incredibly fun that looked! It's definitely more fun when you have more people together, and I'm happy you all could share that time together. I'm tired of playing "keep away". I've had some opportunities to spend time with my sisters and brother, but not the kind of family gatherings I'm so used to. Your trip definitely was one for refreshing the soul!

  6. What a beautiful place to spend a glorious weekend! I need to try the Reese's smores...we always have a bag of those on hand!

  7. What fun! And your s'mores sound fabulous!!

  8. This looks like such fun. And so normal! And very fallish. I'm so glad you got to share this experience!

  9. Looks like a wonderful place to enjoy nature. S'mores are a family hit here around the fire pit........

  10. Looks fabulous! Nice get away.


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Thanks for stopping by!