Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Valentine Ideas...

Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate Valentines Day!

Enjoy a special cocktail, or two!

Paint a few valentines:

Make a pie and play with the pie crust scraps and food color:

If you live in the north, have fun in the snow:

Whatever you choose to do, make it a day filled with love!


  1. Patti, loving that sweet festive table! Those little fairy bites look so yummy too. Happy Week to you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. All fun ideas! I can do each of these, except that the last. No fun in the snow here in Austin.
    Your valentines are darling!

  3. Cute ideas - your strawberry pie looks so yummy! pinned and shared

  4. I want to come to your home for Valentine's Day! Such goodies and temptations!!!! Love them all.........

  5. Such fun ideas Patti!! Tequila infused strawberries, now that sounds dangerous!! I love the hearts on the quiche, so cute!! And of course your painted heart Valentines are beautiful, and so special!


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Thanks for stopping by!