Friday, July 26, 2019

Fashion Faux Pas.....

fashion faux pas is one of the biggest sartorial sins one can make when getting dressed. Whether it's wearing something wrinkled that should have be ironed or allowing your underwear to show through your outfit, a fashion faux pas can ruin an otherwise on-point outfit.

Here are a few helpful hints:

 Clothes that don’t fit are a definite no no. 

Camel toe? No thanks!

There’s nothing worse than seeing a woman hobble around in too-tall heels.

Socks with sandals - NEVER!

Visible gaping between the buttons of your blouse - peek-a-boo!!

Having bra straps peep out the side of your tops and dresses - it's an undergarment, ladies!!

Turtlenecks - do you like the "illusion" of your boobs hanging down around your waist? - - -  and never, ever wear a flesh colored one!!

Don't over accessorize - unless you want people to notice the bling, instead of you!

Don't dress like a teenager when you haven’t been one for decades!!

Can you add anything else to the list?

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Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

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  1. UGH to all of those! How about jogging in a sports bra? Its a BRA not a jog top - I see it all the time. Its hard to walk that line between "young and fun" and "appropriate for your age" sometimes, but that one pic of the jeans top cracks me up!

  2. I like what the British say about dressing inappropriately for your age … "mutton dressed up as lamb".

  3. How about wearing clothes that are two sizes too small? And....pants worn so low that when they bend over you can see their thong panties sticking out of their waistband? lol

  4. 😂 it is amazing what people wear in public these days...

  5. Well, you see a lot when you venture out shopping. I don't understand what they are thinking.

  6. Perhaps we're experiencing a massive shortage of mirrors!!!