Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Fun in the Sun - a Special Edition of the Tales of the Traveling Tote....and a GIVEAWAY!

The Tales of the Traveling Tote is a series of adventures that share where our Mackenzie Childs tote bags have taken us.  At least four times a year a group of bloggers each write a connected post about the places we have been. We have built incredible friendships through our blogs and we hope you enjoy our tales as much as we do!

To read about how it all began, go HERE

This is a special edition, sharing our Fun in the Sun during the last 2 months!

 The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything!

Here's my latest tale:

June was a busy month.....

....I took my Aunt from Florida on her first Mackenzie-Childs Farmhouse Tour in Aurora:


My beautiful niece got married on the South Shore of Massachusetts:


In July we traveled to Virginia and DC to visit my youngest daughter and her husband:

The last time I was in DC was in Jr High School and my husband had never been!

Sadly, my cousin went to Vietnam in the 60's and was only there for 3 days when he was killed - this was my first time to see his name on the Memorial Wall:

Richard J Carson

We visited the Vietnam Memorial, Korean Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Lucketts, had lunch at Silver in Georgetown and on the way home toured the oldest Brewery in US, Yuengling!

Caitlin and I spent an afternoon in Leesburg and found some cute shops, especially this adorable Pie Shop...

...and check out the adorable ceiling of pie tins:


Mid July I was so excited to meet another member of our Traveling Tote group - Cherry Kay, from Entertaining Women, was visiting friends in the Thousand Islands and we met for an afternoon of lunch, shopping and lots of pics:

She is just a delight and we had so much fun, lots of laughs and it was like we had known each other for years!


July also brought me back to Aurora for the MacKenzie-Childs Annual Barn Sale:

I stayed on the campus of Wells College, in a room with a view of Cayuga Lake:

Standing in line waiting for the Barn Sale to open....

...gave us many opportunities for photo ops with Candi from WV and Diana from IL...

...and mimosas!

Running into Instagram friends, Susan, Tommy and TTT pal Debbie was also fun:

Crystal, a follower of my blog,  drove from Michigan.....

.....a NY FB pal, Scott and I....

...and our "buddy" Greg, from SoHo:

I enjoyed dinner at the Fargo, in Aurora and the Inn At Taughannauk in Trumansburg, overlooking Cayuga Lake:

It was fun evening of friendship, karaoke, good food and lots of laughs!


The following day John and I headed to Canandaigua Lake, another one of the Finger Lakes to have lunch with Cate, while her husband prepared to be a groomsman in a wedding later in the day.  Cate is expecting her first child!! :

The last weekend was spent in Ohio visiting my other daughter and her family and babysitting thies cute little guys:

and my daughter and I squeezed in a little shopping at A Proper Garden in Delaware, Ohio:

It's been a great summer, so far!!


My friends have these totes and say they are not "TTT wannabees", however I enjoy seeing photos of their totes and their travels:

Patti B's tote loving Wallcourt Hall in Aurora:

Joan L's tote celebrating in Saratoga, NY

Maggie's bag, NOT enjoying LaGuardia during the storm:

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Winner was announced Aug 4th : Em @ Dust and Doghair

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Miss Kenzie and miss carrie ann hall
meeting for the first time in Clayton, NY

Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

I live in central NY and I am a retired family and consumer science teacher. I enjoy all types of crafting, decorating and cooking


  1. Wow, you and Miss Kenzie have packed a lot into the first two months of summer. It's fun for me to follow along! You and John are on the go! DC is a great destination, full of history and art. I'm glad you made that trip! Of course, the Barn Sale photos brough back many special memories of my barn sale visit last summer. You helped make that a fun time. Keep on filling up the month of August with your "on the go" spirit! Happy August!

  2. I enjoyed reading all about the traveling tote! I am a MKC lover as well! Keep writing so that I may live thru your travels!

  3. You, my dear, and ALL of your totes, are the epitome of what our tribe is all about! Your travels are so many and so diverse, you must have a battery pack within that keeps you going so tirelessly. Thank you for taking us along!

  4. Your summer looks to have been far more exciting than mine! Hmmm...maybe I should plan some travels, too. Summer in Central Texas has a looong way to go before its over.

  5. Goodness Patti, I am exhausted just reading about all your travels, you do get around girl!! It is so much fun to peek into our fellow toter's lives and enjoy their travels too! How nice to meet Cherry Kay and blog readers at the Barn Sale! Of course I am always happy when you and Deb get together...You have had a busy summer my friend, can't wait to see what you're up to next! The butler's pantry towel is a fun giveaway, wouldn't it be nice to have a butler!!

  6. I love your adventures and I’m adding some of your destinations to my adventure list. Every time we travel to the finger lakes we like to add new stops along the way. You are an inspiration, Happy Travels!

  7. Wow, Patti do you ever get tired! You are the TTT energizer bunny :) How awesome you and Cherry Kay got together! You've had, so far, a fantastic summer. Family fun with your little cuties and the barn sale with lots of MC friends. Sounds perfect! Enjoy your travels in August........

  8. What an adventure you’ve had this summer! Your nieces wedding was beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
    Amandaleacates at gmail dot com

  9. Patti, you are always on the go. Wonderful places you visited and took your lovely Miss Kenzie along. Your niece’s wedding was so glamorous. Meeting Cherry Kay was awesome. Visiting family and spending time with the littles is always fun. Memories in the making. The barn sale looks amazing. I hope to attend next year. Meeting friends who follow you on your blog is wonderful. A lot going on and you certainly know how to pull it off. Enjoy August.....happy travels.

  10. You're really had a whirlwind summer traveling, Patti! Great places and fun times! I was born and raised in DC and so glad you got to see so many wonderful historical places and of course the Memorial Wall and the tribute to your cousin and so many more!

  11. We enjoy an occasional day trip to the Yuengling Brewery too. Wish I'd known you were passing thru (I assume you went north on I 81). I'd have met you for a coffee or lunch. Glad you're having a great summer!

  12. Patti, I am so excited to find your blog! I saw your post on MacKenzie Childs LOVERS on Facebook and immediately clicked over to read your blog. I was lucky enough, also, to notice another individual post that she has one of these gorgeous totes for sale and I snapped it right up! Now, I need to name her and start sharing her travels. Maybe if you're ever in the Colonial Williamsburg area on your travels, our totes could meet!

  13. What a great travel log! I want to be your CC Tote so I can go along! Lol I love all your pictures, especially your darling turquoise and navy slip on shoes❤ Love them with your tote.

  14. How nice your were able to meet Cherry Kay for lunch, and are enjoying your summer to the fullest. Glad we got to spend some time at the barn sale!

  15. Aw, I love this post, Patti! You were able to meet-up with so many special people. I would love to meet more of the TTT's! I need to go back and see your posts about the Barn Sale, especially since I have access to my computer tonight!

    I haven't been to DC in a long time. I would love to visit the DAR headquarters.

    I'm always amazed at how many trips you take. One day we'll get there, I hope!

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  16. Great pictures! I love the beautiful scenic places you have been!

  17. Looks like a fun adventure for you and your tote...wonderful to visit family. Next trip to DC, you might invite your tote to Alexandria...much more low key than Georgetown but great shopping and eats! Sorry to have missed meeting you at the Barn Sale. We ended up going on Saturday afternoon. I bought a lot of crafting ingredients and some nice gifts to donate for dinner auctions we attend. I get so overwhelmed by all the choices, but your hostess gift ideas were a great help for my shopping list!!! MR., on the other hand, went a little crazy. We checked out, got back to the car, and then I heard "I want to go back for the deer." �� Dude loves to decorate for the holidays! ����

  18. Wow! You and your bag have been enjoying the fun in the sun this summer! It's so nice that you were able to meet up with bloggers and IG friends. I enjoyed looking and the photos and reading about all that you have done this summer!

  19. Oh Patti, you have had such a fun summer already! I can't believe it is August now. Your niece is such a beautiful bride, and I just love her dress. She is so elegant.
    How fun to see all of the people you got together with at the Barn Sale. I bet you are the life of the party. You can just see it in your smile.
    Thanks for sharing Patti's, Joan's and Maggie's bags. I am sure there are a ton who want to be a part of the TTT's and I feel so lucky I get to be a member! You are the best.