Sunday, November 11, 2018

The importance of giving credit where credit is due....

In December 2011, I was in The Anthropologie Store in Eastview Mall in Rochester, NY.  One of their displays for the holidays was this "Book Tree",  made with over 300 hardcover books and strung with a set of large Christmas lights.  I posted a photo of it on this blog (HERE) and the post has been viewed over 13,000 times!   I also reposted it a year later (HERE).  This photo has also been pinned and re-pinned, and sadly I didn't "watermark" it the beginning.  I edited the post a year later, adding my blog name to the photo.  

I have seen it posted on a variety of sites, without a photo credit.  Which brings me to this point.  One should always give photo credits to any photograph they find on the internet.  Like art work, photos, quotes, lyrics, etc should always be given attribution to the origin when possible.  Watermarking each photo is very time consuming and that is why you rarely see it!

I always love it when people share my photos online, it makes me feel incredibly special but more importantly it validates that you appreciate my creativity - it shows that you recognize the time I took to stage the photo, take the photo, to upload it onto my computer, to edit and retouch it, and to watermark it.

Everyone likes to be recognized for their creativity.

Recently a few sites have re-posted the Book Tree photo and I have received numerous requests to make this tree!  A perfect example of "lost in translation"!  Links back to the original post were not posted and people went to my Facebook page, assuming I made the tree, and asked for me to duplicate it for them.  This tree was 4' high and certainly not an easy item to duplicate, nor to ship!  I referred all interested parties to Anthropologie and their creative decorating team.

Did you also know that when posting on Instagram  you agree to this:
“You represent and warrant that: (i) you own the Content posted by you on or through the Service or otherwise have the right to grant the rights and licenses set forth in these Terms of Use” Instagram Help Center

"Picture Courtesy" credit should also be given on Facebook.

So, back to the tree, If you have a few hundred hard cover books, they were simply stacked in a circle and the base was about 10-12 books, progressively stacked in smaller circles.  The lights were strung afterwards.

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Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

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  1. I should have done that before I donated well over 1000 books before I moved. lol Love it and you are so right about honoring the 'artist's' photo and giving credit as needed.
    I hope you have a great upcoming week- xo Diana

  2. Good points, Patti. These days I see things in stores that I know must have originated with a blogger. You know? Anthropologie is a fabulous place for inspiration but bloggers are too and I think it goes both ways. It's nice of you to make sure the credit goes where its due. :)

  3. Good points. I have read a couple stories on people getting sued for sharing photos without credit, so it spooks me to no end to not provide link or credit. I do remember seeing that particular tree all over the internet. You certainly have a great eye for creativity and knew it when you saw it.

  4. I agree! It is important to give credit for photos. Ideas, they say, can't be trade marked, but photos of ideas can. As you point out, it takes a lot of time, effort, and talent to style, photograph, edit, etc. I tried watermarking some photos once, but what's to keep someone from editing out the watermark? Unless it is stamped across the center it could be cut off in cropping.
    Love this book tree idea!

  5. Totally agree! I think it takes to much of my time to watermark photos so I quit doing that early on. I rarely use photos other than my own. If I do I certainly will happily give credit for where it comes from. I do love the book tree.............
    Very informative post, thanks Patti..........