Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Academy Awards....

I love the Academy Awards - who wouldn't want to win an Oscar for acting?

Geez, I have certainly had many scenes in my life that were worthy of a nomination!

I have been waiting for my invitation and I always plan ahead, so this year I thought I would wear red, but not sure which design.....

...and have my hair styled similar to this....

...and of course I will wear my Louboutins:

BUT, sadly, no invitation arrived.

So I will lounge on my couch with a wine spritzer, cheese and crackers and possibly some popcorn!

I am still not sure why I don't get an invite to the Awards....

I go to the movies weekly....

....I am very opinionated....

...and I would be a great presenter, dressed in red, joyful and proper...

...and I would make sure that I had the correct envelope...

...I would gently kiss the winner on both cheeks....

...BUT, again, this year,  I guess I will just stay home, on the couch, in my PJs, rooting for my favorite stars, drinking wine spritzers and eating cheese and crackers.

Want to join me?

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  1. Haha, cute post! I won't be watching.....too much grandstanding these days.

  2. Yes, if I lived closer, I would be right over! I could wear my daughter's fake Louboutin's from her wedding! Although I think they would come off pretty quickly! I keep wearing lower heels and for shorter times!

  3. Patti, You would be a GREAT presenter! Can you imagine walking across the stage on those heels?? Hope your choices won! Linda

  4. hahaha I vote for the "fashionable" dress, however I would much prefer watching in my pjs with wine than getting dressed up, preening and smiling at all those cameras!

  5. Very cute, Patti, and I like your ballot. You were ready! I don't watch the awards shows because of the politics. I'm tired of EVERYTHING being political! But I do like to see the fashions the next day online!

  6. I'm late but hope all your choices won. I do enjoy seeing the beautiful day.


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Thanks for stopping by!