Thursday, February 8, 2018

Love is in the air....Preparing for Valentines Day...

Valentines Day is the perfect excuse to brighten up my home after a gloomy winter.....'s a sign that winter is waning and that spring is right around the corner...

...I have set a dessert tray....

....ready for guests... enjoy an afternoon "pick me up"....

...and a possible "sugar high"...

...but now to decide what to serve...

...on these pretty heart shaped dessert dishes...

...well, of course lots of "hugs and kisses"....

...and maybe a tray of mini cookies...

...along with "fairy bites''''

...and mini cupcakes...

Do you do anything special for your loved ones on Valentines Day?

CONGRATS to Jenna @ The Painted Apron
WINNER of the Jess Hall's Serendipity Seasoned Salt

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  1. Patti, this is so pretty! Are you having friends over? I'd be in big trouble if all of this was in my house with just me. ♥

  2. Oh so very, very cute, Patti. I'll be right there- Save me a FEW of those little cupcakes, will you? A very SWEET post (no pun intended). xo Diana

  3. How pretty! I will gladly take those darling heart plates. I love how you have a tealight in the center too. How cute. I am a sucker for those little hugs! Have a good day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Patti all of those yummy mini treats - those would make me feel so special! There is something magical about little goodies.
    I really have MC envy every time I visit! Those are as yummy as the treats!

  5. youngest son is a Valentine baby so I spend that day making it look like a birthday and NOT a Valentines day....even tho he's always been MY sweetest lil Valentine!
    Recipe for fairy bites, please?????? they look deelish!!

  6. Oh how cute! I love the plates. You could keep them out for St. Patrick's Day!!! :D
    Your home doesn't look gloomy at's beautiful and cheerful!

    Congrats to my sweet friend, Jenna!!!


  7. Well, everything is so lovely and makes me smile because I do love Valentine's Day.

  8. Patti, how cute are those plates?! Oh my, those could take you right through to St. Patrick's Day. I love those. All those little desserts - esp the fairy bites (recipe?) - yummy. Congrats to Jenna - she's a perfect recipient!
    Hope you're home safe from travels, but I bet you miss your little buddies. Have a good weekend.

  9. Ohhh so many pretties! Those mini cookies are adorable, and I love your Valentine plate stack! I still can't believe I won, can't wait! Thank you Patti!

  10. This is exactly how I brighten up the house, with pretty little sweet vignettes around the house. I love to set a table for two even if we plan to dine out. I love all your little touches and those treats, yum. Please save a fairy bite for me. I know you are missing a certain little guy after arriving home........Happy Valentien's Day Patti.

  11. I need to go eat some breakfast, but wht I really want is to dive into my computer screen and snatch some of these sweet treats! Everything looks so pretty and inviting served with your Courtly Check.
    Congratulations to Jenna! She will cook up something delicious!


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