Saturday, January 20, 2018

Jake's Prime Seasoning Salt - GIVEAWAY!

Have you tried Jake's Prime Seasoning Salt?

This seasoning salt began with Jake's dad and uncle, a simple combination of crushed red pepper and kosher salt used on their fire side steak sandwiches. Ingredients were added here and there over the years until Jake met his wife and they had their own family. The recipe was adjusted, a little less crushed red for the kids, a little more lemon for his wife.  After years of hearing rave reviews and giving away more of Jake’s seasoning salt than they could keep up with they realized their family’s prime blend seemed to be everyone else’s, too.

I used Jake's Salt on boneless pork chops....

...and as they fried, the seasoning smelled so good!

We just received a box of  Honeybells from Florida so I made some orange salsa....

...which is simply salsa mixed with a chopped up orange!

I served garlic buttered spinach and a baked potato...

...and coated the pork chop with the salsa!

The salty-citrus flavor was delicious!

The other morning I coated my morning juice glass with some of Jake's salt by dipping the rim of the salt in water and then into the salt.....

It was delish with my tomato juice!!

And that made me think of my happy hour favorite....

...I sprinkled some of Jake's salt and stirred it into V-8 juice and vodka...

...and I must say, it really added great flavor to my Bloody Mary!!

You can purchase it HERE and can find some great recipes HERE

Kosher salt, organic onion minced, organic parsley leaf, organic chili flakes, organic garlic minced, organic lemon peel, organic black cracked pepper, organic yellow mustard seed, organic dill seed, organic basil leaf, organic marjoram, organic thyme leaf, organic winter savory, organic sage leaf, organic coriander seed, organic cayenne powder. 


Leave me a comment telling me how you would use Jake's Seasoning Salt and I will choose one winner to receive a tin!

Winner will be notified on January 25th!

UPDATE:  Congrats to winner: Patti @ Olla Podrida

                                      Jake's sent me some salt to sample, however opinions are my own!

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  1. I love the pretty pic of your rimmed glass! My sons were just saying we should fire up the grill on one of these milder Sundays... I'd use the salt on beef tenderloin. Thanks for the fun give-away:@)

  2. Chicken noodle soup, meatloaf, salmon cakes, pasta salad, cottage've proven it'll go in/on just about anything and make it seem like it'll taste great. I like all the ingredients, so I'd try it on just about any meal recipe.

  3. Oh- That sounds wonderful. I can't take anything that has too much pepper in it but this sounds like that was adjusted. GREAT pictures- xo Diana

  4. At age 60 I have discovered the deliciousness of Bloody Marys and Mojitos! So I am gonna use your tip and rim my glass. Your blog is so fun, thanks for sharing.

  5. My husband seasons EVERYTHING, from meat to mac and cheese to eggs so we go through a lot of products like this. Would love to try a new one!

  6. Wow, you really got creative with this Patti, I cracked up reading you used it on your breakfast juice!! It does sound really good, I think I would home fried potatoes~ I'm going to go check out those recipes, thanks!

  7. All of your ideas sound great! I think I would leave mine next to the cooktop and add it into whatever. Scrambled eggs come to mind...

  8. Looks great! I would try it on meatloaf, salmon, and my bloody Mary’s. A good spice adds so much flavor. Love my spices....

  9. I would be happy with a bloody mary and some Jake's salt on the

  10. I would love to try Jake's seasoning salt especially on my meats for dinner. I love to experiment with different salts and spices when I'm cooking, and Jake's looks amazing!

  11. Oh my! I think I would use it for a delicious bloody mary too!

  12. I love all types of salt! Believe it or not, my son gave me a collection of salts for Christmas, that's how much I love them. I have not heard of this brand of seasoning salt before, but I would love to have the opportunity to try it. Like a lot of others, I would use it to rim a bloody Mary, but I would also use it on burgers. Nothing beats a good burger and I imagine this would enhance it greatly.

  13. Don't know why my comments are not showing up on your blog,....I KNOW I responded to this days ago

  14. No, I haven't tried this but I'm sure it is delicious. I really love the rim on the glass, bet that tastes yummy. I love a Bloody Mary, with and without the spirits. Looks pretty with the checks:}..........

  15. I've never tried Jake's seasoning salt but it is certainly on my to do list. I was thinking some good old popcorn might be fun! Love your blog, thanks for keeping the creative juices flowing.

  16. I would use it for my husband’s fish. I don’t eat fish so I have no clue what kind it would be good on.

  17. Congrats to the winner! Enjoyed a sample of Jake’s recently. 😁


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