Monday, September 11, 2017

Apple Bread...

Today I pulled out all the ingredients to make my Apple Bread, however I didn't have enough apples...

...So I used 3 cups of apples and a cup of zucchini! - Why not?  

I have made carrot cake with canned green peas.

YUP, I did!

It was a final exam for Food Science class in college and someone ate the carrots - so I substituted green peas!

And I got an "A"!  Just saying...

Have you tried this vanilla?  It's the best around!  You can buy it online if you don't live near me.

Here's the recipe....I have used it for many years and love it.  And now I know that I can substitute a little zucchini!

When a recipe make 2 loaves, I always make 3 minis and one large - then I freeze the minis! 

The sugar makes a nice crispy top!  A perfect afternoon treat for me!

Just look at those little specs of green - no one would even know if I hadn't mentioned it!!

Excuse me while I sit down and enjoy a slice - OR 2!!

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  1. Oh yum...I tried making some apple bread a week or so ago only I had NO apples so I used applesauce and it was not good. Next time, I will use apples! HAHA..I tried some squash bread about a month ago. Nope...was not crazy about that either. I love my banana bread and pumpkin bread, need to stick to making those I guess. Had a boss that always said, "stick with what you know"! As for the vanilla, have not used that. I usually use vanilla from Mexico and once upon a time that was where I would get it, now I can pick it up around town in a Mexican store.

  2. I've never tried the vanilla before, and now I'm intrigued! The bread looks delish!

  3. Well, that looks really good too. I love how zucchini makes bread dense and moist, that was brilliant.

  4. The apple bread plus zucchini looks wonderful! Wish I had a slice right now to go with my morning coffee. I will look at the web page for the vanillia, no substitutes for good flavor. Love the pretty fall plate and the MC loaf pan, so pretty..........

  5. Oh yum! I make pumpkin bread all Fall but never apple bread. Thanks for the recipe. Can't wait to take a bite!

  6. Looks so good! We picked apples over the weekend so I have to make some things with them! Yesterday I made 6 bags of apple pie filling for the freezer but I want to make some apple breads to freeze as well.

  7. Aren't you clever! I have baked with zucchini before but I would have never thought to use it the way you did! And you are so smart to make minis for the freezer~ the vanilla sounds amazing, thanks for the link


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