Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Tales of theTraveling Tote ~ Tablescape Challenge...

The Traveling Tote Woman have been challenged to incorporate our MacKenzie-Childs totes into a table setting!

A fun way I have used my large tote (retired) is for a picnic...

I gathered all of the items I wanted to bring down to the lake, and a few extra placemats...

I rolled my Speakeasy Old Fashion glasses in the extra placemats....

...stacked my Black Flower Market and Courtly Checked dishes and napkins in placemats, too...

...and they were ready to pack into my tote bag...

...and all I had to do was make a quick stop at Wegman's for "salads to go"!

...and a stop by the side of the road for some wild Queen Anne's Lace!

We drove down the street to the Oneida Lake:

This is a perfect setting for a picnic lunch and...

...Williams Park has a beach, picnic tables, grills, a little playground and benches...

...We found a picnic table and unwrapped the table setting...

...and pulled out our boxes of salads...

...added a sprig of flower to "pretty - up" the boxes...

...filled our Speakeasy Old Fashion glasses with bottled water...

...and enjoyed our lunch!

Do you know the legend of the "black spot" in the center of the flower?  Apparently Queen Anne pricked her finger while tatting lace and it was believed this flower resembled lace and the black speck was the blood from her finger!  This "weed" grows wild in our area and is so pretty!


This next setting was for 2 sweet little girls, a simple lunch of sandwiches and juice.  I set the Courtly Check Pedestal Table using MacKenzie-Childs Pixie Party paper goods and a vintage M-C Bathing Hut Squash Pot (retired).   

 Because the table is little, I used the M-C Lunch Tote for the centerpiece, simply placing a potted flower inside!


A few years ago I set the table using my M-C "Diaper Tote" (retired).  If you want to read about it, go to:  Book Exchange Brunch

On Easter morning I placed my tulips in my Town Tote (retired), just for fun!


This challenge was a tough one for me and I am anxious to see what the other TT woman have designed!

 If all else fails, just use all of your Courtly Check dishes and throw the tote over the back of your chair!!

(MacKenzie-Childs Farmhouse 2016)

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  1. Patti, You are a clever girl and very smart too, to wrap those precious glasses in a placemat!! What a great setting too, at that lake! I have that same pink squashed pot, with a few other pieces of that pattern in one of my bathrooms. Please, M-C, bring back that pattern! Pink certainly goes well with our totes! Your little lunch bag is perfect as a centerpiece and so easy with the potted plant! I'm sure M-C never thought there could be so many creative uses for a tote! I keep scrolling back to those black flower market dishes. So striking!! hmmm...I wonder if some should come to Connecticut to live. Yes, I just checked to see if they are still available, and they are! Linda

  2. What a smart and safe way to pack up MC pretties and pack into our bags for transporting to a picnic. Stopping for Queen Anne's Lace for your MC tote is brilliant! It is one of my favorites. Love the glasses and the Black Flower Market and Courtly Check make for a gorgeous setting. Love the location Patti, perfect for a picnic. How adorable is your Pixie Party and clever use of the Courtly Check lunch bag. I wish I'd gotten one of those for outings! All of your tables are stunning and inspire me ever so much. You sure know tablescaping.............

  3. It certainly doesn't look like you had any trouble with this to me Patti, I think you hit a homerun with your cleverly packed picnic tote! Using the placemats as padding for the breakables is genius not to mention a great way to pack an entire picnic setting and all in your handy tote for travel! The Queen Anne's lace and story is such a wonderful treat to top it off! Great fun!

  4. Very clever post, Patti! I love how you went on location for the picnic and wrapped breakables with the quilted placemats. So smart! And I love the picnic table with your little boxed salads. Perfect! I also love the "girly" setting with the bathing hut squash pot. So much fun! I am enjoying visiting everyone's traveling tote summertime tablescape posts. :)


  5. Patti, you had your girls working overtime! I love the clever way you packed your "picnic" tote. A picnic is a favorite for me, especially one lakeside. I agree with Jenna. The challenge was easy peasy for you. Thanks for playing along. Great job!

  6. Great post - loved all the Mc C items, they look wonderful. Very creative.


  7. This is all so adorable and with a very creative setting!!!

  8. Patti, these are all incredibly smart and creative tables! I can't decide which one I love the most, they're all so unique. I love how you used the placemats to cushion your tools. I actually used my tote today and did the same thing with placemats as padding (not for a table though). Those market flower pieces are so pretty (I shoulda....), and the Pixie party paper (say that fast five times, dare ya!) goods - so cute! Oh MKC, why can't you take the barn sale on the road???

  9. Patti, very sweet tables. Love the different styling you added. I still want those darling floral plates. Picnics are the best during these hot summer months.

  10. Your MC tables are so pretty and whimsical. Love your new Black Flower Market plates with the Courtly Check. I wish MKC would bring the pink stuff back. Your creativity with the tote is endless! Great job!

  11. Two things....you had no need to be anxious about this challenge as you nailed it! And you lucky girl...you have a Wegmans!! -littleblackdomicilie

  12. I love how you used your totes in your tablescapes....so pretty, but then you have so many of the Mackenzie-Childs pieces. Even paper goods! Very pretty.

  13. Hi Patti... your table looks beautiful and it looks like you found the perfect setting as well. Love to see all the clever ways that you have used all of your totes. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  14. Oh, my...this one is going to be hard to beat..you did an excellent job and got some really great photos.
    Thank you so much for the pretty card you sent. Such a sweet thing for you to do. xoxo

  15. What a perfectly set picnic table, Patti! I love how you rolled everything in placemats, and then had takeout salads...so easy, and pretty with the Queen Anne's Lace embellishment.


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