Thursday, June 8, 2017

Today is National Best Friend's Day....

June 8th is National Best Friends Day!

So here's to all my best friends, 
old and new, 
young and aged, 
thin and fluffy, 
caring and discerning
gentle and harsh
honest and heartfelt
cordial and tacky
punctual and tardy
forgiving and forgetful
sincere and thoughtful
loyal and considerate 
entertaining and lazy
imaginative and intelligent
and most of all

My family best friends:

My best girlfriends:

My TV best friends:


My famous best friends:


My blogging best friends:



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  1. Sweet post, Patti! I want to be Andy Cohen's bf too. On another note... What's with Ramona? Looks like drugs to me. Have a good week.

  2. What a great, great post. Thank you for the inclusion. I didn't want to have to be tacky and ask if I was among your pile of friends. I really love that list of adjectives. It just about covers everything. Have a great day. No soubt you'll be sharing it with best friends somewhere.

  3. Darling idea! I'm honored to be among the list! This really is a great idea, Patti. Love the list of adjectives and all the great quotes. Have a wonderful time with your "local" besties! ;-)

  4. Hi Patti, I love being one of your "weird" besties!! :) :) xoxo Linda

  5. Love the "if you don't like me" bit! I had no idea it was BFF day. Guess I have a few belated notes to send!-Happy Weekend!-Laurel Bledsoe

  6. So fun Patti! I'm so flattered to be included in your BFFs!!

  7. Love your friends post! What a fun way to celebrate Best Friends Day. The last meme with Lucy is great!

  8. If I'd know it was best friends day I would have posted too, and you Patti and all the MC pals are counted among my besties. So happy to be included in our little group...........


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