Tuesday, June 6, 2017

An afternoon in Sharon Springs, NY....

The historic village of Sharon Springs is located about 50 miles west of Albany, NY.  

The small village has a population of a little over 700, and apparently a lot of goats!

My interest in this village was peaked when the Beekman Boys entered into a collaboration with MacKenzie-Childs.

Who are the Beekman Boys?

Well, when I finish reading this book, I will know more about them!  But for now I will share the little I know!  

Josh and Brent moved to Sharon Springs, escaping their professional lives in NYC and purchased the 19th century Beekman Mansion on a farm outside the village and opened up the Beekman 1802  Mercantile in the center of town.

This did not all happen overnight, and their story is intriguing, fascinating and amusing!

Goats appear to be the inspiration behind their brand of skin care products; there are two rooms to get lost in soaps and creams and lotions and balms and wonderful aromas!

The new test kitchen in the rear of the building has a wall covered with painted kitchen pans, trays and gadgets, many donated by the "neighbors" in town:

 Here is another clever display in the same room, and check out that ceiling!:

The stairwell leading up to the home decor portion of the store has sections of vintage printed wallpaper which is so unique and eye-catching!

The presentation of furniture and accessories is lovely....

...and I adore this idea of hanging empty frames from the ceiling:

If you are lucky enough to visit the Mercantile, hopefully Serafina is working.  She is charming, knowledgeable and will sing you an inspirational song - a young woman whom the Beckman Boys are very lucky to employ!


 Next door is the Cobbler & Co, 12 rooms of unique gifts:

Across the street is the historic American Hotel, built in 1847 and brought back to life in 2001 after many years of neglect...

...and offers 9 guest rooms, a pub and a restaurant:

 An American Emporium houses McGillycuddy's Natural Soaps, where the Beekman Boys learned the craft of making goat's milk soap:

As you probably know from prior posts, I can be a bit of a stalker ~ on the way out of town I spied a  "Do Not Enter" sign and an ornamental temple on the property.  Someone telling me not to do something only invites my "inner stalker" to creep up and take a peek:

Almost hidden under greenery and vines I found that this was the property of the Magnesia Temple and Baths...

...situated along the stream that flows through the village:

The Falls  flow into this stream that trails through town...

...and a mild scent of sulphur can be detected in the air.

I definitely want to return to Sharon Springs again and do a little more exploring, visit the Beekman Farm, find the Falls, and dine at the American Hotel!

Until then, I will finish reading the Bucolic Plague and enjoy my purchases from the Beekman 1802 Mercantile:

Shop Beekman1802 HERE
Find them on Facebook HERE
History of Sharon Springs HERE


  1. How fun, Patti! We are Amazing Race junkies in this household, and watched Beekman Boys win the Amazing Race several years ago. I love small town shopping, and you & I would definitely be bound for trouble together. I'm of the same nature - going where told NOT to go. What is that trait anyway?

    1. I guess we are just rebels!! I just finished the book - great story about how it all began. Deb is reading it next, I can have her send it off to you if you want

    2. Looking forward to reading the book!

  2. Yet another fun place to add to my list. You New Yorkers have such wonderful places right out your door. Put me in line to read the book. Sounds fun! I follow them on FB and IG. They have great personalities. I'm happy for them to have made this a success. Inspiring!

  3. i enjoyed hearing about how the B's got their start, interesting Patti. Such a pretty little town to explore. Sure glad you weren't arrrested for tressspassing:)

  4. This sounds like a fun girl's getaway or a fun overnight with hubby. I love places like this and although I live in NY, I did not know about this cute town!

  5. Wow! I lived in Albany from 1979-1989 and never knew about Sharon Springs. I wish I had! Really enjoyed this post :)

  6. I reside in Oneonta NY, another lovely place to visit..have been many times to Sharon Springs, most esp. Garden Fest, and Harvest Fest. Have talked with the boys, had lunch at sidewalk cafes, spent lots of money and really enjoyed myself in this wonderful part of NYS>.

  7. What a full day you had! This sounds like a great day trip.


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