Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sara and Cleveland's Wedding in Grand Cayman...

I have been out of touch for a few weeks as my oldest daughter got married in Grand Cayman. 

 I made the wedding bouquet and boutonnieres out of shells for the beach ceremony...

...their wedding rings...

...and Carter made the ring box:

The ceremony took place on the sandy beach...

...very casual and sweet...

...with our cruise ship in the background...

...and the next night they won the Love and Marriage Show on the Ship!

We were fortunate to have friends and family join us for the wedding and cruise....  

and to have 4 generations share in this joy!

 It was a wonderful week and I will share more pics later on!


  1. What a great way to get married. Great pics. Enjoy your sunshine.

  2. What a perfect idea for a beach wedding bouquet!!!!! and it's just so cute...good job mama!!! Can't wait to see pics...

  3. What a perfect venue for a destination wedding. Great idea to take a cruise together for the wedding. Loved seeing the photos. You all look like a happy family. Now I guess it is on to planning the next one. Wedding central for Pandora! '-)

  4. Patti, I so enjoyed this post as well as following along on FB. What a great trip and way to get married, with close family & friends with you! Congratulations to the married 'famiy'!

  5. Congratulations to all! I love that Carter made the ring box!

  6. Congrats to the couple and aren't you the clever diy girl for making the beautiful "shell" flowers.

  7. Patti, What a wonderful way to get married, in a beautiful destination with the entire family along to enjoy! Congratulations to your daughter! Carter looks delighted too! Linda

  8. What a great way to have a wedding Patti! Fabulous fun and less work for you! It all sounds incredible, and the bride and groom are adorable! What incredible memories for everyone. My daughter got married on the beach too, it was like out of a movie, except it was the beach by our house...where she insisted we have the rehearsal dinner...we did have a wedding planner, but she was an idiot, so I ended up with on ton of work on my hands...but who cares, whatever makes them happy right! Now you're a pro, you are all set for wedding #2!

  9. What a gorgeous place to get married! Love that island!


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