Tuesday, November 15, 2016

National Bundt Cake Day!

Debbie, from Mountain Breaths, is my bundt cake mentor!

She is the bundt cake queen!

I have had a few bundt cake fiascos, but she keeps encouraging me to try it again.  I have had them stick in the pan, where they come out topless, I have tried a few recipes that don't have much flavor, but I finally succeeded with a pear cake!

I have two different Nordicware bundt pans - this is my favorite, it make 4 minis:

A little dusting of powdered sugar is all it needs!

And Debbie always reminds me when its National Bundt Cake Day, too!

I think I am getting the "hang of it"!

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  1. Patti... these cakes look so pretty and I bet that they are delish. I can't think of a bundt cake without thinking of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Have a great day!

  2. Patti, I popped over for the s'mores cups, and here you have another post on bundt cakes! You've been a busy Nana, Grammy, whatever you're called.....they're gonna love you when you get there!
    ps...I totally missed bundt cake day, but I did visit a kitchen showroom yesterday to look at proposed updates for my own, does that count??

  3. Those are so cute. I saw a rep. from Nordic Ware on a tv program many years ago demonstrating how to prep a bundt pan for a cake and she sprayed the holy heck out of the pan with PAM, then turned it over on a paper towel to let the excess drip off. I've been doing that ever since. After than I add the flower.

  4. I love bundt cakes! I like the tiny ones....great pan! I keep thinking of that funny scene from y Big Fat Greek Wedding when Ian's mom bought a bundt cake to a wedding party. ;P
    Super cute post!

  5. I'll be right over! I love bundt cake. ;)


  6. Patti, these came out perfectly!! When my bundt cakes stick I cut them up into bite size pieces and put the pieces on a tray with picks and fruit bits. Yes, it has happened more than once, but now I wipe the pans with crisco first and it seems to help! Pear cake sounds delicious for the fall! Linda

  7. Looks perfect to me! Wish I had a slice right this moment. Who wants a healthy breakfast?
    I grew up on my mother's rum cake, which she often baked in a bundt pan. It was her mother's recipe. I think I may have to make it soon.

  8. These look delicious Patti, so good I would love to have a piece of cake!!! I've got to start baking next week...........

  9. awww, these are beautiful little cakes...I had no idea about Bundt Cake Day.
    I have nightmares about bundt cakes...mine seem to stick nearly every time...one recipe I just love says to BUTTER the pan..I did...and it stuck...Daughter makes perfect ones every time and she sprays with Pam and lightly dust with flour...mine still stuck...I am about ready to pull my hair out....


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