Monday, November 21, 2016

Crazy weather in Syracuse, NY.....

Saturday it was 70' in Syracuse - the sun was shining, the breeze was warm and....

...I meant to pick the last of my roses!

In less than 48 hours later, here are my rose bushes:

It started snowing Sunday afternoon....

 and as of Monday noon, it hasn't stopped!

The weather man said we have had 12 inches, with about 8 more inches expected!

UGHHHH, I am housebound!!

UPDATE:  We had 2 feet of snow!

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  1. OMGosh Patti, wish you could send some of that my way down here in Arkansas. We don't get anywhere near that much all winter.

  2. Wow, Patti! How crazy is that?!?!? I wish you'd cut your roses because you could've enjoyed them while you're snowed in! How long will you be stranded at home?

    1. Snow will end at 4 am tues and we will probably have had 2 feet!

  3. Patti!! I've been looking at my remaining rose blossoms and thinking how lucky I was that they survived our 1 inch of snow this week. I had no idea that you had this huge snowfall!! I hope it melts quickly and isn't the beginning of a huge base for the winter! Linda

  4. Wow! Our temps changed from 80 degrees to 55 within a 15 min time period last Friday and we were all jumping for joy that we might have cool days for thanksgiving.... but nah. It was 79 yesterday. Cannot even imagine snow like that. Of course to us southerners, it sounds and looks so dreamy! To y'all, maybe not so much�� I would love to be housebound for a few, cook, nap...maybe even clean a little bit!!
    Stay warm!

  5. Hi Patti, I live in Ottawa Canada and the same weather happened here Sat I was outside spray painting a table in short sleeves and by Sunday we had snow snow snow and until this morning was still snowing. Hope you don't have bad weather your way the week of Dec 5th as my sisters and I are going to Watertown/Syracuse to do some retail shopping. Have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  6. Oh my goodness, you are trapped, hope the snow melts quickly! We hardly ever see snow and when we do it's magical and instant holiday......
    Happy Thanksgiving.


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