Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Southern Charm...and I want a "dressing cocktail"...

One of my favorite shows is Southern Charm!  I admit, I am a reality TV junkie!

When Patricia Altschul's son, producer Whitney Sudler-Smith, decided to create a reality TV show about life in Charleston, he urged his mother to participate. In Southern Charm, Patricia plays "the resident madcap grande dame", according to Architectural Digest. She is a "straight shooter with a serious pedigree and a ton of clout to throw around...famous for her no-nonsense advice, wicked tongue, and appreciation for a high quality cocktail," says blogger and TV critic Christine Lo.   

She provides snarky comments about the misdeeds of younger cast members, saying things we only think about!

 She purchased the historic Isaac Jenkins Mikell House, an imposing 1854 Greek Revival residence noted for its pedimented portico with six large columns having capitals ornamented with rams’ heads.  The house was formerly the Charleston Free Library and served as a public library until the early 1960s when it reverted to a private residence.  Altschul was said to have paid $4.8 million for the house.   The New York Post noted that it has "a picturesque piazza and 18th-century French toilets."

After a year-long renovation, the Preservation Society of Charleston gave Altschul a Carolopolis Award for her effort, stating that, "The preservation work completed at the Jenkins Mikell house is an excellent example of a sensitive approach to maintaining the integrity of one of Charleston’s finest pre Civil War residences."

When I was in Charleston in March, I found her home.  I stalked it for a while, peeking through the thick hedges :

I found some open areas and was able to poke my camera through:  

But no sightings of Patricia!

I was tempted to scale the fence...

...but had no extra time to spend at the local Police dept...

So, I politely went on my way!

I absolutely LOVE that Patricia summons her butler, as she is preparing to dress for an evening out, requesting a 

and she says


I am off to get dressed and I think I will have a dressing cocktail!
To see more of her home, go HERE


  1. Enjoy your "dressing cocktail"! I'm in love with her boxer Smoochie :-) She has good taste in dogs too!

  2. Patti, This is hilarious!! I'm glad you didn't end up seeing the inside of a southern jail! I have never heard of this show but now I am intrigued. I must investigate! The house is incredible. I would love to go on a house tour! Maybe this would be a good place for a blogger party. Linda

  3. Hi Patti, LOL, I hope you enjoy your "dressing cocktail." I don't watch much television and I've not seen this but it sure sounds intriguing. I enjoyed your photos of this grand southern house but I'm glad you didn't scale the fence for a better camera advantage, I would hate to have to bail you out of a bad place:) I will certainly want to see this house when I get to Charleston. Now, I'm about to get dressed to go out and I need to decide what "dressing cocktail" I need. You know I am southern…..

  4. I haven't seen that show and now you have me intrigued.


  5. Funny girl! I can just picture you, "dressing cocktail" in hand, dressing for an evening out. Ha! Here that would mean a glass of champagne in hand and putting on a pair of jeans and a light sweater. ;-) I don't watch much TV, but this sounds like a fun show, especially if one gets to see inside the fabulous homes of Charleston.

  6. Patti ... SC is my favorite show!!! I can't get enough. If I was with you, we would have left with a restraining order against us! Do you know Patricia is in her 70's?? I'll have what she's having!! I never realized Whitney was a producer?!? Have a great weekend Patti!


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