Friday, May 20, 2016

A quick sweet treat....

Here's a quick idea for a sweet treat or a little gift:

All you need is an "Oreo cookie candy mold", some chocolate, and a few cookies!

I decided to use chocolate chip cookies, rather than Oreos.  I filled the cups with a little melted white chocolate, pressed a chocolate chip cookie into the chocolate, topped it with a little more chocolate, and pressed a candy on the top:

These are very rich, so you don't need to give more than a few - and you should most likely keep one for yourself - someone needs to be the taste tester....just in case!!

They can be wrapped in a cute cello bag, plastic wrap or even a decorative popcorn box:

A little bow tops off the gift!

And if you don't know what to do with any leftover chocolate (I know, silly thought!), you can make a chocolate pizza:

Just pour melted chocolate into a baking pan, sprinkle some candies and peanuts or any other leftover treats  (again, silly thought), and then drizzle more chocolate on top.

Decorate a pizza box for a fun presentation!

Now I am off to be a taste tester.....

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  1. I know they are tasty! Love the packaging.

  2. Darling ideas, Patti! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  3. Oh dear, a sweets lover....we'd get along just fine. Those look awesome, I love white chocolate, and on the pizza box, I was thinking, 'where'd she get that?!' How cute!

  4. I could sit down and eat these right now, and I've not had my breakfast. '-)
    Cute idea for a gift!


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Thanks for stopping by!