Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shopping in the Albany area….

Once a month I go to Albany for a few days to grade state exams.  I might grade NYS teaching certification exams, or exams from Ohio or Illinois.  I head to Albany early to scout out the "shopping opportunities" and I have found some really cute and unique shops!

Oliva is a cute little shop across the street from the hotel I stay in while working there.  The store has many fustis filled with infused olive oils and balsamics so that the customers can help themselves to a taste.  I bought a Basil Oil to try - I can imagine this on pasta with tomatoes and garlic - YUM!  I will be back to Oliva for more next month!

At Crossgates Mall I found Penzey's Spices!  My local "spice lady" hasn't been able to find Florida Seasoned Pepper - BUT Penzey's had some.  I also picked up some Tellicherry - Can you tell I LOVE pepper?

I grow greek oregano in the summer, but the strong aroma of this turkish oregano made me buy a jar!  I use very little salt, but their seasoned salt was irresistible!

Also across from my hotel is Coccadots Cake Shop:

This is the happiest little bakery….

…with tempting sweets...

…and adorable decor! Almond Cherry Cupcake ~ YUM

In the same plaza is the Silver Parrot, a cute little boutique with accessories and clothing, where I bought a purple jacket:

These are 4 little shops that I will visit again when I return to work again next month!

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  1. Isn't it nice when you can mix work and pleasure? We love Coccadot's cupcakes! Our son lives in Albany so keep sharing your adventures so I can check them out when we visit.

  2. Patti, you are my kind of traveler. I love to find interesting shops when I travel. We have a Penzey shop here in town. The chef is a frequent client. ;-)
    Have fun!


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Thanks for stopping by!