Wednesday, February 19, 2014

MacKenzie-Childs "EYE-CANDY" Table Settings

As you know, I am a fan of Mackenzie-Childs products.  The new catalog arrived a few weeks ago and I needed a "fix".

On Sunday I drove out to Aurora to visit the MacKenzie-Childs Store and Farmhouse on Cayuga Lake.
The farmhouse is to the left and the lake is in the distance:

It was a cold day and snowing lightly.  This photo was taken under the archway that takes you to the store, again, the lake is in the distance with the Farmhouse to the left:  

This table, in the store, highlights Parchment Check and the sweetest little nosegays in striped pots.  The table is painted in a pastel harlequin design.  The center of the table had a tray which held 6 little Parchment compotes and vases filled with white tulips.
A single place setting of 2 dishes and a nosegay cost $292.00:

Imagine sitting at this place setting and the nosegay in a striped pot would be your favor - how sweet would that be?

This table was set in their signature Courtly Check and Picadilly accent pieces,  This single place setting of these 3 stacked dishes cost $308.00:

The diorama table in the Farmhouse dining room 
was set with both the Parchment and Courtly Check.
This single place setting of 3 cost $404:

It was difficult to get a photo of the diorama table but it is cut in layers and pictures the lake from an arial view with the lake in the center, and trees, in many layers, around the edges, topped with glass:

The centerpiece was stunning:

The breakfast room in the Farmhouse featured enamelware on their checked table.
This single place setting of 4 stacked dishes cost $165.00:

This room has floral wallpaper, a variety of chairs, rosy pink curtains - proving that these checks can be used in any home!  The centerpiece was filled with lots of fruit and greens:

Stop by tomorrow and I will share more photos from the Farmhouse!

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  1. Oh, what a wonderful fix for this McK-C junkie! I'm envious of your close proximity to the Farm House. How nice to just drive over for the day. Thanks for sharing the tablescapes. I'm eager to see the farmhouse photos too.

  2. How fun that you live close enough to visit in person! I got my catalog last week and enjoyed paging through it, but it's nice to see the tables all set with the pieces. Thanks for the tour!

  3. Thanks for sharing...everything is so beautifully showcased. I think I may try my hand at painting some napkin rings...I have some really plain wood ones that would be good for this project!
    Have a great week, Patti.

  4. It's always a treat to see Mc-K table settings. Looking forward to the farm house photos also.

  5. I love Mc-K dishes also, but I can't afford them. You do a beautiful job on the ones you create. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. I think I'd be in serious trouble living that close to McK farmhouse! Swoon~ I have exactly 6 McK pieces and I treasure them and guard them like a hawk! I love that harlequin pastel table, wowza! Thanks so much for the treat!

  7. Oh my, simply amazing pieces! Great share!

  8. What a treat to see a variety of McK-C settings! They're all beautiful, but that spring table is sooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing! ~Zuni

  9. Wow...pricey, but beautiful!!! What a neat concept to have the store out there with a farmhouse and lake and all. That would really make shopping very pleasurable...more so than usual, if that's possible! :-)

  10. I can only get my fix of McK-C dishware through your blog. One of these day I will have a least one item. Thanks sharing and keeping us happy!

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity<;)


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Thanks for stopping by!